Prof. Dr. Thomas Aigner

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Thomas Aigner studied Geology and Paleontology at the Universities of Stuttgart, Tuebingen and Reading/England. His diploma thesis was on the Geology and Geoarcheology of the Egyptian pyramides plateau in Giza (1982).

For his PhD dissertation on storm depositional systems (1985) he worked at the Senckenberg-Institute of Marine Geology in Wilhelmshaven and spent one year at the University of Miami in Florida.

He then became an exploration geologist at Shell Research in Rijswijk/Holland and Houston/ Texas focussing on basin analysis and modelling (1985-1990). Adjunct lecturer for applied sedimentology at the University of Wuerzburg (1988-1990).

Since 1991 professor and head of the sedimentary geology group at the University of Tuebingen.

1996 he was an 'European Distinguished Lecturer' for American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

In 2007/8 he spent a sabbatical with PDO and Shell Qatar. His current projects focus is on sequence stratigraphy and reservoir characterisation/modelling in outcrop and subsurface.

In addition to his main job as a geologist, Prof. Aigner is a certified stress-management and relaxation trainer, and offers seminars on these topics inside and outside the university (

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