Present (Tübingen)

- Analysis of organic matter in sediments & sedimentary rocks (MSc seminar; planned)
- Sedimentology & stratigraphy, SW Germany (BSc field course; scheduled)
- Microbial carbonates (contribution to MSc seminar “Faziesanalyse”)
- Geobiology, South England & Wales (virtual BSc field course)

Past (Bremen & Göttingen)

- General paleontology (MSc lectures)
- Biogeochemistry & organic geochemistry (MSc lab course)
- Critical intervals in Earth’s history (MSc seminar)
- Earth History (BSc lecture)
- Sedimentology & facies of carbonates, central Germany (field course; BSc)
- Biogenic sedimentary rocks, Northern Calcareous Alps (field course, BSc & MSc)
- Cathodoluminescence microscopy of carbonate rocks (seminar, BSc)

Invited lectures & seminars

- Lipid biomarkers & methane cycling (University of California Riverside, USA, 2019)
- Geomicrobiology Workshop (University of Tübingen, Germany; 2016)
- International Summer School Geobiology (Nanjing University, PR China; 2011–2015)