ICEC 2022 - Scope and themes


The bioprocess of chain elongation has been developing into a pertinent biotechnology production platform. Thanks to open-culture bioprocesses, it is possible to convert our daily bio-waste into valuable products instead of wasting them. The recovered bio-resources can be used to produce biofuels, platform chemicals, and animal feed. 

Individual companies have already performed pilot and demonstration tests on chain elongation bioprocesses, with industrial-scale systems being planned. Still, connectivity between researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs is necessary to move this platform more forward footer.


All topics related to chain elongation are welcome and are categorized in the following 4 domains:


Biorefinery development & integration in Circular Economy 

to include COcapture, pre-treatment, separation, purification, conversion of chain elongation products, application, LCA, TEA, system analysis, or pilot-studies and beyond.

Bioreactor engineering and bioprocess development

to show news on feedstock use, products, selection pressure, operating conditions, bioreactors, modeling, etc.

Microbial physiology, pathways, informatics, genetics

to gain insight about microbiomes and pure- and co-cultures and additional in-depth analysis of the biological fundamentals such as microbial physiology.

Industrial progress

to find out what the companies are doing and what their possible research needs are.