Nadine Bernhard


Eberhard Karls University Tübingen
Soil Science and Geomorphology
Rümelinstraße 19-23
D-72070 Tübingen

Office: Westbau W503




Consulting hours:

by arrangement

Function: Doctoral student

Research Topics:

  • Soil Geography and Soil Properties
  • Soil Erosion


PhD Project:

Earth Shape - Earth Surface Shaping by Biota

Subproject 13b: Understanding of microbial-mediated soil structure formation processes and pedogenesis and how they are interrelated to soil erosion processes in Chilean soil ecosystems under different climate conditions.



*8th of June 1987 in Friedberg, Germany





PhD student at the Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen
10/2011 - 3/2015

Environmental Geography (M.Sc.) at the Philipps-University Marburg.

Subsidiary subject: Environmental Management at the Justus-Liebig University Gießen

Final thesis: "Analyse des Wasserretentionspotentials von Lockerbraunerden und dessen Variabilität in Abhängigkeit vom Relief im Hohen Vogelsberg"

10/2007 - 9/2011

Geography (B.Sc.) at the Philipps-University Marburg

Final thesis: "Einfluss der Landnutzung auf ausgewählte Stoffgehalte von Böden - anhand einer Fallstudie in der Wetterau in Hessen"



08/2013 -


Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Research, Department of Nature Conservation, Leipzig

05/2011 -


Authority for Nature Conservation in the Wetterau-district, Friedberg
09/2010 Authority for Environment and Geology of Hessen (HLUG), Department for Hydrogeology, Wiesbaden


Field Experience:

02/2017 - 04/2017

Nahuelbuta, La Campana, Santa Gracia, Pan de Azúcar (Chile), rainfall simulation experiment

02/2016 - 05/2016

Nahuelbuta, La Campana, Santa Gracia, Pan de Azúcar (Chile), soil sampling and description


Vogelsberg (Germany), soil sampling and analysis of soil hydraulic conductivity, pore volume, density and other physical parameters


Wetterau (Germany), soil sampling and analysis of grain size and chemical parameters




B.Sc. Excursion "Ammertal/Schwäbische Alb" (GEO 21)



Bernhard, N., Moskwa, L.-M., Schmidt, K., Oeser, R.A., Aburto, F., Bader, M.Y., Baumann, K., Blanckenburg, F. von, Boy, J., van den Brink, L., Brucker, E., Büdel, B., Canessa, R., Dippold, M.A., Ehlers, T.A., Fuentes, J.P., Godoy, R., Jung, P., Karsten, U., Köster, M., Kuzyakov, Y., Leinweber, P., Neidhardt, H., Matus, F., Mueller, C.W., Oelmann, Y., Oses, R., Osses, P., Paulino, L., Samolov, E., Schaller, M., Schmid, M., Spielvogel, S., Spohn, M., Stock, S., Stroncik, N., Tielbörger, K., Übernickel, K., Scholten, T., Seguel, O., Wagner, D., Kühn, P. (2018). Pedogenic and microbial interrelations to regional climate and local topography: new insights from a climate gradient (arid to humid) along the Coastal Cordillera of Chile. Catena 170, 335-355. doi: 10.1016/j.catena.2018.06.018


Oeser, R.A., Stroncik, N., Moskwa, L.M., Bernhard, N., Schaller, M., Canessa, R., van den Brink, L., Köster, M., Brucker, E., Stock, S., Fuentes, J.P., Godoy, R., Matus, F.J., Pedraza, R.O., McIntyre, P.O., Paulino, L., Seguel, O., Bader, M.Y., Boy, J., Dippold, M.A., Ehlers, T.A., Kühn, P., Kuzyakov, Y., Leinweber, P., Scholten, T., Spielvogel, S., Spohn, M., Übernickel, K., Tielbörger, K., Wagner, D., von Blanckenburg, F. (2018): Chemistry and Microbiology of the Critical Zone along a steep climate and vegetation gradient in the Chilean Coastal Cordillera. Catena 170, 183-203. doi: 10.1016/j.catena.2018.06.002


Conference Contributions:


Bernhard et al. 2017. Microbial mediated soil structure formation under wetting and drying cycles along a climate gradient (arid to humid) on hillslopes in Chile. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 19, EGU2017-5449 (2017). [Poster]


Bernhard et al. 2017. Microbial mediated soil structure formation along a climate gradient (arid to humid) in Chile. Workshop on Formation, Properties and Function of Soil Microaggregates. Munich. [Talk]