Opportunities for BSc, MSc Thesis Topics

Our group wiki contains a detailed list with all projects.

The Earth System Dnamics research group has a range of projects that involve Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. students and postdocs. All Ph.D. and postdoctoral positions available are advertised through email list servers (e.g. Gilbert club, Geotectonics, Cyrolist) and on the Earthworks web site (http://www.earthworks-jobs.com).

Bachelors and Masters Student Theses:

Our research group is composed of between 20 - 30 students and staff. We regularly supervise BSc and MSc student research/theses from Geology, Geography, and Geoecology on a wide range of topics related to plate tectonics, GIS and remote sensing, surface processes, sedimentary basin analysis, climate and paleoclimate, thermo- and geochronology analytical techniques, geologic hazards (earthquakes and mass wasting), and quantitative surface processes. Student research topics are conducted across the world (see image below) in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Our goal is the interdisciplinary training of students so that they learn how to apply different geochemical or geophysical techniques to understand some aspect of the Earth that interests them. Students interested in pursuing a BSc or MSc degree in our group are encouraged to meet with Prof. Todd Ehlers to discuss options. All of the BSc and MSc students that have graduated from our group have successfully found jobs in their area of interest in industry, or continued on to Ph.D. studies.

A list of all projects is available here.

Selected Examples of previous BSc and MSc student research topics include:

Tectonics, Basin Analysis, and Thermochronology:

GIS/Remote sensing and surface processes: