Latest publications

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  • Brodbeck M, Ubide T, Kleinhanns IC, Schoenberg R, Kamber BS (2019): Quantitative data extraction from Orthopyroxene trace element maps and its potential to examine the formtation of the UG2 unit, Bushveld complex. Minerals (9) 73; doi:10.3390/min9020073.
  • Rosca C, Schoenberg R, Tomlinson EL, Kamber BS (2019). Combined zinc-lead isotope and trace-metal assessment of recent atmospheric pollution sources recorded in Irish peatlands, Science of The Total Environment, 658: 234-249
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  • Rivera J, Reich M, Schoenberg R, Gonzáles-Jiménez JM, Barra F, Aiglsperger T, Proenza JA, Carretier S (2018): Platinum-group element and gold enrichment in soils monitored by chromium stable isotopes during weathering of ultramafic rocks. Chemical Geology 499: 84-99.
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