Patagonian mantle xenoliths

Dr. Maria Varas-Reus

High-Temperature stable Cr isotope fractionation

MSc Luise Wagner, Dr. Ilka Kleinhanns (Schoenberg) & Prof. Dr. Ronny Schoenberg


SCLM refertilisation and metasomatism traced with stable Fe-Cr-Zn isotopes

Dr. Carolina Rosca, Dr. Ilka Kleinhanns (Schoenberg), Dr. Maria-Isabel Varas Reus, Dr. Stephan König & Prof. Dr. Ronny Schoenberg

Understanding geochemical dynamics of subduction zones from the stable Mo & Zn isotope perspective

Dr. Carolina Rosca, Dr. Stephan König & Prof Dr. Ronny Schoenberg

The Bushveld Igneous Complex (South Africa)

Dr. Ilka Kleinhanns (Schoenberg) & Prof. Dr. Ronny Schoenberg

Intra-plate volcanism at the Chaîne des Puys, Massif Central (France)

Dr. Ilka Kleinhanns (Schoenberg), Dr. Carolina Rosca & Prof. Ronny Schoenberg