Crust-Mantle Interaction

The Bushveld Igneous Complex (South Africa)

Dr. Ilka Kleinhanns and Prof. Ronny Schoenberg

The 2.05 Ga old Bushveld Complex covers an area of roughly 66’000 km² with a maximum vertical thickness of layered igneous rocks approaching ca 8 km. With these dimensions it represents the largest layered intrusion on Earth. The Bushveld Complex hosts a large proportion of the world resources of platinum and chromium within its so-called Rustenberg Layered Suite (RLS). The formation of numerous cyclic units within the RLS that carry the chromium and platinum layers is still highly debated, as is the overall tectonic setting active during the formation of the Bushveld Complex. This project aims to add new perspectives on both debates with combined petrological and geochemical investigations.

  • BSc Project Hilde Koch
  • MSc Project Maurice Brodbeck