Dr. Benjamin Eickmann

Universität Tübingen GUZ
Schnarrenbergstrasse 94-96
72076 Tübingen

Office: Room 6U05, GUZ

Phone: +49-(0)7071-29-78908
Fax: +49-(0)7071-29-3060
Mail: benjamin.eickmann(at)uni-tuebingen.de

Research interests

  • Stable isotope geochemistry (multiple S, Fe, Mo, Cr, Se)
  • Paleoenvironmental reconstructions
  • Geobiology of modern and ancient hydrothermal systems

Short CV

Since 2016

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Isotope Geochemistry Group, University of Tübingen, Germany


Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Geology, University of Johannesburg, South Africa


Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Geobiology, University of Bergen, Norway


PhD at MARUM and Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen, Germany


Diploma in Geology/Paleontology at the Institute for Geology and Paleontology, University of Münster, Germany

Publications (-05/2019)

  • Crockford PW, Wing BA, Paytan A, Hodgskiss MSW, Mayfield KK, Hayles, JA, Middleton JE, Ahm A-SC, Johnston DT, Caxito F, Uhlein G, Halverson GP, Eickmann B, Torres M, Horner TJ (2019): Barium-isotopic constraints on the origin of post-Marinoan barites. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 519, 234-244. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.epsl.2019.05.018
  • Cabral, AR, Zack, T, König S, Eickmann B, Kwitko-Ribeiro R, Tupinambá M, Lehmann B (2019) Distinguishing high- from low-temnperature platinum nuggets through their trace-element pattern. Economic Geology 114(2), 201-206
  • Agangi A, Hofmann A, Eickmann B, Marin-Carbonne M (2019) Mesoarchean gold mineralization in the Barberton Greenstone Belt: A review. In Kröner A, Hofmann A (eds.) The Archean Geology of the Kaapvaal Craton, Southern Africa, Regional Geology Reviews. Springer Nature, p. 171-184.
  • Ossa Ossa F, Hofmann A, Spangenberg JE, Poulton SW, Stueken EE, Schoenberg R, Eickmann B, Wille M, Butler M, Bekker A (2019): Limited oxygen production in the Mesoarchean ocean. PNAS 116: 6647-6652. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1818762116.
  • Ossa Ossa F, Eickmann B, Hofmann A, Spangenberg JE, Planavsky NJ, Asael D, Bekker A (2019): Reply to the comment by Préat and Weber on Ossa Ossa et al. (2018). Earth and Planetary Science Letters 511: 259–261.
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  • Eickmann B, Hofmann A, Wille M, Hao Bui T, Wing BA, Schoenberg R (2018): Isotopic evidence for oxygenated Mesoarchaean shallow oceans. Nature Geoscience 11(2): 133-137. doi:10.1038/s41561-017-0036-x
  • Agangi A, Hofmann A, Eickmann B, Marin-Carbonne J, Reddy SM (2016): An atmospheric source of S in Mesoarchaean structurally-controlled gold mineralisations of the Barberton Greenstone Belt. Precambrian Research 285, 10-20.
  • Eickmann B, Thorseth IH, Peters M, Strauss H, Bröcker M, Pedersen RB (2014): Barite in hydrothermal environments as a recorder of sub-seafloor processes: A multiple isotope study from the Loki’s Castle vent field. Geobiology 12, 308-321.
  • Jaeschke A, Eickmann B, Lang SQ, Bernasconi SM, Strauss H, Früh-Green GL (2014): Biosignatures in a silica-barite chimney from the Loki’s Castle vent field at the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge. Extremophiles 18, 545-560.
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