Tübingen Palaeobiology Seminars & Journal Club Palaeobiology

SoSe 2020

Due to the corona pandemics, no Paleobiology Seminars are taking place at the moment.


WiSe 2019/2020

Tübingen Paleobiology Seminars is a series of talks and discussions on current research topics. It is organized jointly by all Paleogeology groups in Tübingen and serves as an informal forum for academics, students and all those interested in fossils and the geological past. We meet regularly on Monday, in the Hölderlinstr. 12, room S521, 13:15-14:00.

Journal Club Paleobiology is a series of informal meetings and discussions of recently published research papers in the field of paleobiology. Each session is led by a presenter who introduces the topic and organises the discussion. The Journal Club meets every month on Monday, in the Hölderlinstr. 12, room S521, 13:15-14:00.

Scheduled Seminars

Date Speaker Title
21.10.19 Ulla Lächele

Hidden Structures: The Vomeronasal Organ and Orbitosphenoid of Mammals

28.10.19 Giuseppe
Stable isotopes analyses (13C, 18O) as tool for paleoenvironmental and  
paleoclimatic reconstruction in East Africa.
Case studies from Melka Kunture (Ethiopia) and Olduvai Gorge  
(Tanzania) (Early and Middle Pleistocene)
04.11.19 Tobias Massonne Orientalosuchus naduongensis - A new species from the Late Eocene of Vietnam highlighting a monophyletic Eastern Asian alligatoroid lineage and its origin
11.11.19 Dorothée Drucker

Isotopic tracking of diet and mobility among early Holocene hunter-gatherers

18.11.19 Pascal Abel Don't judge a book by its cover - new takes on the macroevolution of the temporal skull region in amniotic tetrapods
25.11.19 Annett Junginger

From Mud and Dust to Curves and Concepts - Paleoclimate reconstruction and its applications to Human Evolution Studies

02.12.19 Gerado Antonio Cordero Plastic and adaptive responses to environmental unpredictability in reptiles
09.12.19 Giulia Toniato Beyond the Ach and Lone valleys: Middle and Upper Palaeolithic subsistence in the Lauchert Valley in the Swabian Jura
16.12.19 Susanne Krüger Diet, environment and technological performance of Paranthropus boisei – an integrative model
13.01.20 Laura Epp Tracking the history of species and ecosystems with ancient environmental DNA
20.01.20 Chris Baumann Tracking trophic behavior: How constructed trophic niches can help to understand the behavior of humans and carnivores 40,000 years ago
27.01.20 Verena Förster 600,000 years of shifts, spells and flickers: what role did eastern African climate dynamics play in human evolution and dispersal?
03.02.20 Shaddai Heidgen Preliminary inside of paleobotanical records in the Ammer Valley