Dr. Catherine C. Bauer

Post-doctoral researcher 

Room S507
Hölderlinstr. 12, 72074

Phone: +49(0)7071-29-78930
Email: catherine.bauerspam

Sprechzeiten: n.V.

Research Interests

  • Geometric Morphometrics
  • Tooth morphology and dental tissue proportions
  • Virtual reconstruction of CT-scanned, damaged human remains
  • Cranial shape variations within the genus Homo
  • Human evolution
  • Early domestication of canids



Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.) at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.

Thesis: Application of virtual anthropology methods to fossil human dental remains


Magister Artium at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Thesis: A Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Bronze-Age Crania from Qatna, Syria.


Student at the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen.


Paramedic in the German Air Force, last rank Staff Sergeant.


Doctor’s Assistant of Dr. Dr. Keller, Bayreuth.


High School Diploma, Luisenburg-Gymnasium Wunsiedel, Germany.

​​​​​​​Research Assistant Positions


Extraction of collagen from fossil bones including sample preparation and isotope analyses for Prof. Hervé Bocherens, department for Biogeology, University of Tübingen.


Osteological Collection of the department of Paeleoanthropology in Tübingen, curating activities, establishing displays for teaching, database management, determination of age, sex and pathologies of human remains.


Tour guide for the Baden –Württemberg state exhibition „Ice Age – Art and Culture“ in German and English.


Production of scientific drawings of paeleolithic bone tools for Prof. Harald Floss, Department of Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology, University of Tübingen.

Fieldwork experience


Archaeological field assistant, Department of Paeleoanthropology, University of Tübingen


Anthropological and archaeological field assistant, University of Tübingen


Archaeological field assistant, University of Tübingen


Archaeological field assistant, University of Tübingen


Archaeological field assistant, University of Tübingen


Archaeological field assistant, University of Tübingen


Archaeological field school, University of Tübingen

Teaching Experience

summer term 2016 - 2017 Lab for Prof. Wahl's lecture "Alters- und Geschlechtsbestimmung am menschlichen Skelett" (Aging and sexing of human skeletal remains).

summer term 2012 - 2015

Lab for Prof. Harvati's lecture "Imaging & Morphometrics" - introduction to the AVIZO, RHINO and MORPHOLOGIKA software.

winter term 2013 - 2016

Lab for Prof. Wahl's lecture "Anatomie und Morphologie des menschlichen Skeletts" (Osteology 101).


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