Grants and Awards


March, 2018 - February, 2020 Documenting Neandertal Fire Signatures through High-Resolution Analyses at Pech de l'Azé IV (H.L. Dibble, PI; V. Aldeias, D. Sandgathe, P. Golberg, Co-PIs).
September, 2009 - August, 2011 "Improvements to Soil Micromorphology Laboratory." National Science Foundation Grant (No. BCS-0917739)
February, 2007 “Neandertal Pyrotechnology and Burial: Excavations at Roc de Marsal”. H. Dibble, PI; Co-PI. National Science Foundation (Award BCS- 0650198).
February, 2006 “Palaeolithic Pyrotechnology, High Resolution Behavioral Events, and the Neanderthal/Modern Human Question.” Principal Investigator. National Science Foundation (Award BCS-0551927).
June, 2000 Purchase of and FTIR Microscope for Analysis of Art, Archeological and Geological Materials. Principal Investigator. National Science Foundation. (Award BCS-0083555)
May, 2000 Acquisition of Near-Surface Geophysical and Sampling Equipment for Earth Surface Processes and Quaternary Stratigraphic Research; Co-Principal Investigator (PI: Prof. D. FitzGerald, Earth Sciences, Boston University). National Science Foundation.
May, 1997 “Micromorphological Analysis of Zhoukoudian Cave Site”. L.S.B. Leakey Foundation. (Award EAR-0079588).
January, 1996 “Alternative Evidence for Domestic Stock in Southern Africa” (co-Principal Investigator with Dr. C. Britt Bousman, Southwest Texas University). National Science Foundation. (Award SBR-9515120).
June, 1996 “Undergraduate Field and Laboratory Equipment Improvement.” Principal Investigator. National Science Foundation. (Award DUE-9651492)
September, 1996 “Sedimentology of Middle and Upper Palaeolithic deposits of Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar”. An extension of the previously funded project, “Excavations in the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic of Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar”. National Geographic Society.
September, 1995 “Excavations in the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic of Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar” (Drs. Chris Stringer and Richard I. Macphail, co-Principal Investigators). National Geographic Society.
November, 1994 “Micromorphological Analysis of Burned Layers from Hayonim and Kebara Caves, Israel.” Care Foundation, London.
November, 1988 “Micromorphological Analysis of a Bedouin Tent Floor.” Care Foundation, London.

Fellowships and Awards

February-April, 2019 Alexander von Humboldt Research Award; University of Tübingen, Germany.
February-April, 2013 Alexander von Humboldt Senior Award; University of Tübingen, Germany.
January 2010 Pomerance Award for Scientific Contributions to Archaeology, Archaeological Institute of America.
March, 2008 Fryxell Award, Society for American Archaeology.
January-August, 2004 Alexander von Humboldt Senior Award; University of Tübingen, Germany.
2002 Rip Rapp Award, Archaeological Geology Division, Geological Society of America.
September-December, 1998 French Government Fellowship (“Poste Rouge”, C.N.R.S. Senior Scientist) to collaborate with Dr. Liliane Meignen at the Centre de Recherche Archéologique, Valbonne: hearths and geological history at Kebara Cave, Israel.
November, 1996 Taft Fellowship, University of Cincinnati to present lecture, “Microscopic Views of Archaeological Sites”.
December, 1995-January 1996 French Government Fellowship (Ministry of Higher Education), comparative micromorphology of Mousterian hearths from Kebara and Hayonim Caves, Israel. The work was conducted at the Centre de Recherche Archéologique, Valbonne with Dr. Liliane Meignen.
May-August, 1985 French Government Fellowship (C.N.R.S. Senior Scientist) to study micromorphology of Fort Harrouard with M.A. Courty, C.N.R.S.
September-December, 1979 French Government Fellowship (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to study micromorphology of loess and paleosols in Northern France with N. Fedoroff, Institut National Agronomique, Paris-Plaisir.
September-December, 1976 French Government Fellowship (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for micromorphological study of sediments from Pech de l’Azé II Cave, Université de Bordeaux I.
1973-1975 Lady Davis Post-doctoral Fellowship, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.