Pleistocene Human Evolution

The first goal of Paleoanthropology work group concerns

We approach these questions from the perspective of the skeletal morphology of the fossil hominins themselves and with targeted interdisciplinary fieldwork, as well as through collaborations with paleogenetic and other interdisciplinary analyses.

Emphasis is placed on the quantitative study of the human fossil record, framed within the theoretical perspective of the comparative approach. Traditional craniometrics as well as 3-D geometric morphometrics, virtual anthropology and high resolution imaging are prominent among our methodologies.

Paleoanthropology fieldwork is strictly interdisciplinary and includes geologists, paleontologists, paleolithic archaeologists, archaeologists in addition to paleoanthropologists. (PaGE)

Several projects on this research topic are currently running:

Neanderthal Evolution and Modern Human Origins in Europe and Africa

This topic is one of the core research areas of Prof. Harvati.

She has published extensively on the topic, and has been is currently involved in several related projects: