Micromorphology Laboratory


The micromorphology laboratory has equipment for all stages of the micromorphological process from sample preparation to thin sectioning and analysis. Sediment samples are first impregnated with resin in a fume hood or under vacuum in the Laboratory of Soil Science and Geography. The hardened blocks are then cut into slabs or smaller chips using a rock saw. Additionally, a Uniprec Woco Top 250 A1 encapsulated diamond slitting disc and an encapsulated precision grinder (G&N MPS-RC Vacuum) are used to routinely produce high-precision 28x48 mm to 60x90 mm thin sections. 


For more information about using these facilities, please contact Dr. Chris Miller (christopher.miller(at), Panagiotis Kritikakis (, and Dr. Peter Kühn (



Microscopy Laboratory

Microanalytics Laboratory (FTIR/XRF)