Fachbereich Geowissenschaften

Geoscience Seminar

The Geoscience seminar includes a series of speakers who present research on a wide range of topics relevant to the Geosciences department (Geology, Geography, Geoecology). Speakers are asked to give talks that provide a general background on their methods and problem addressed before presenting more detailed current research. This approach makes the seminar topics accessible to a wide range of people with diverse backgrounds. The seminar speakers include a mixture of international invited speakers as well as students and doctoral students within the department presenting an update on their current research.

The seminar is organised by the students and staff of the Earth System Dynamics Research Group.

It is also cosponsored by TGAG (Tübinger Gesellschaft für Angewandte Geowissen­schaften e.V.).

Seminar Schedule

Summer Semester 2017

Wednesday 12:15




Thermo-mechanical Evolution of the Lithosphere and Basin Dynamics: From the Deep Earth to the Surface Prof. Sierd Cloetingh, University of Utrecht
LMB 246
Denudation rates along the western Andean Margin: Peru and Chile Mrs. Jessica Starke, University of Tübingen
LMB 246
Automated Fission Track Detection for Thermochronology Dr. Hanno Ackermann, Leibniz Universität Hannover
LMB 246
Quantifying Late Cenozoic Climate Change Dr. Sebastian Mutz, University of Tübingen
LMB 246
Mechanics of waterfall formation and retreat Dr. Joel Scheingross, GFZ Potsdam
LMB 246
Tectonic and Glacial Controls on Topography, Cascadia Subduction Zone Mr. Lorenz Michel, University of Tübingen
LMB 246
Vegetation interactions with surface processes, Coastal Cordillera, Chile Mr. Manuel Schmid, University of Tübingen
LMB 246
Vegetation Influence on Chilean Hillslope Denudation Dr. Mirjam Schaller, University of Tübingen
LMB 246
Anticipating alpine hazards in a changing climate Prof. Michael Krautblatter, TUM München
LMB 246
Rock Fall patterns and processes, Lauterbrunnen Switzerland Mr. Marco Ott, University of Tübingen

Winter Semester 2016/17




The following seminars are in room 245 (Hölderlinstr. 12)

25.10.16 Tectonics, climate, and copper mineralisation in the Central Andes: Insights from (U-Th)/He hematite geochronology Prof. Frances Cooper
University of Bristol, UK
08.11.16 Just how stable are you? Cratonic surface histories, kimberlites, and mantle dynamics Prof. Rebecca Flowers
Univ. of Colorado, Humboldt Visiting Professor, Tübingen
15.11.16 Simulating soil and vegetation dynamics: An introduction to mechanistic modeling of ecosystems Dr. Christian Werner
Senckenberg Biodiversität und Klima Forschungszentrum, Frankfurt
29.11.16 Deep crustal structure, processes, and properties from xenoliths and seismic observations in the Rocky Mountains, USA Prof. Kevin Mahan
University of Colorado, USA
06.12.16 To see the world in a grain of sand: reading the record of landscape evolution with detrital geothermochronology Dr. Karl Lang
University of Tübingen

The following seminars are in room 246 LMB (Wilhelmstrasse 56)

10.01.17 Modelling Late Cenozoic Climate and Climate Change in Tectonically Active Orogens Dr. Sebastian Mutz
University of Tübingen
17.01.17 Moving mountains with water and ice: A case study from the Olympic Mountains, USA Dr. Byron Adams
University of Tübingen
31.01.17 Antarctica’s wet toes: What happens when ice meets ocean and why we should care? Dr. Reinhard Drews
University of Tübingen