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International PhD-Program GeoEnviron

The international doctoral program GeoEnviron is focusing on environmental geosciences. Research and studies in the program deliver basic concepts as well as practical contributions to the solution of complex environmental problems based on multidisciplinary geoscientific approaches. The analysis and quantitative description of processes within and between various environmental compartments (geo-, hydro-, bio-, and athmosphere) requires advanced approaches and methods not only from hydrogeology and engineering but also from the fields of physics, system theory, informatics, mineralogy, chemistry, and microbiology.
The profile of the program therefore is multidisciplinary and covers a wide spectrum of sciences addressed by research teams at the Department of Geosciences. These include research areas such as hydrogeology, geosystem-modelling, paleobiology, geophysics, hydrochemistry, geomicrobiology, and environmental mineralogy as well as all classical fields of geosciences.

Study Concept

For the scientific guidance of candidates a PhD Committee is responsible. Upon consultation with the candidate, the committee compiles a mandatory individual academic course program and assesses a research outline presented by the candidate within six months after admission. In addition to regular participation in PhD seminars, candidates have to provide annual interim reports and discuss possible adjustments of the research outline with their PhD Committee. After a successful research and study phase the doctorate is completed with a disputation leading to the title "Dr. rer. nat.".

Some of the special features of GeoEnviron in brief:

  • multidisciplinary research opportunities
  • individual study program out of a wide range research-oriented courses, workshops and seminars
  • individual supervision by a PhD Committee, which fosters high quality results and time efficiency
  • definition of the research goals in a proposal at an early stage, and regular feedback on the research progress
  • possibilities for research exchanges at associated institutions abroad
  • participation at national and international conferences

GeoEnviron Seminar

The GeoEnviron Seminar is an integral component of the GeoEnviron doctoral program designed to provide participating PhD students from all research areas with a comprehensive overview of the current research topics at the Center of Applied Geosciences. The Seminar is a weekly public research seminar planned and organized by PhD students. Each semester the organization rotates to a new group of students.

PhD students have the possibility to

  • invite leading national and international scientists
  • learn about the latest developments and trends in their respective field of interest
  • discuss mutual research interests and
  • establish new ties to external research groups

Application Procedure

As an applicant, you will have to be in possession of a Master of Science or Diploma in either geology, geo-ecology, physical geography, physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, biology or related natural science.

Prerequisites to participate in the program are:

  • FIRST to find a supervisor for your PhD project. Therefore you
    - could check the Department's website for available PhD positions
    - or you propose your own research topic to a possible academic supervisor. Check the work groups' websites to see who is working in the research field you are interested in.
  • THEN you (and your supervisor) have to make sure that sufficient funding for your PhD project is available, either from research projects or through scholarships.


Dr. Peter Merkel
+49 (0)7071 - 29-78921
geoenvironspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de
Schnarrenbergstr. 94-96, Room 3U16, 72076 Tübingen, Germany