Fachbereich Geowissenschaften

Students can register online for excursions and mapping courses. This covers the following modules:

  • BSc-Geosciences: Module Gelände 1 (6 credits. 18 excursion days, including the 4-day stratigraphisches Geländepraktkum)
  • BSc-Geosciences: Module Gelände 2 (6 credits. ca. 14-day mapping course)
  • MSc-Geosciences: Module Gelände 1 (6 credits. 18 excursion days)
  • MSc-Geosciences: Module Gelände 2 (6 credits. ca. 14-day advanced mapping course).
  • MSc-students can do two mapping courses (of course not the same one twice). A second mapping course module is available for this. please note that a second mapping course is conditional on available places. Please contact the excursion leader in time.

BSc-students CANNOT do two mapping courses. Even if you attend two such courses, only one will count for your degree.

How to register for field courses

First you must register here to be able to access the courses. You need to be within the University network or use the VPN Client provided by the ZDV.

Once you are registered you can log in to see the list of excursions and mapping courses that are offered. Basic information (dates, costs, destination, etc.) can be found on the website. Some lecturers may have provided more information in a PDF that can be downloaded, or on a website for which you will find the link. You can also see how many students have already registered for a particular course. This will help you to see which courses are popular and oversubscribed.

You must then register separately for

  • Mapping courses (internal link)
  • Excursions, including the stratigraphisches Geländepraktikum (internal link)

Please note the deadlines!
Each course may have a different deadline. You can change your registration at any time until the deadline.

For each MAPPING COURSE you choose from one of four options:

  1. I absolutely need to go to this mapping course (*). This means you must go to this one and cannot go to any other course that is offered.
  2. I would like to go to this course.
  3. I could go to this course if necessary, but I prefer another one. Some courses are oversubscribed and then, unfortunately, some students will have to transfer to another course.
  4. I absolutely cannot go to this course (*). If your preferred mapping course is oversubscribed, you cannot be transferred to this course.

(*) If you choose options (1) or (4) you must provide a brief reason. This could be that you attended this course before, for example.

We do our best to provide every student with their preferred options, but cannot always satisfy everyone's wishes. Note that only one mapping course is compulsory for BSc-students in Geosciences. You can only do an extra second one if the course leader agrees to this, but you have no right to a second course and will be lowest priority.

For each EXCURSION you choose from the following options:

  1. I absolutely need to go to this excursion. This means you must go to this one for some reason and you need to explain why.
  2. I would like to go to this excursion.
  3. I don't want to go to this excursion.

Some excursions are oversubscribed. It is therefore good to register for one or more "back-up" excursions. Excursion leaders of oversubscribed excursions will do their Vorbesprechung first and select the students that can go on their excursion. Please note that if you already have enough excursion days for your module, you have lowest priority!

Any problems or questions?

Please contact or email:

  • The course leader, if you have questions about a particular course,
  • Paul Bons, only if you have questions about excursions and mapping courses in general. I have no information on individual courses, nor on which course has places available. Only the course leaders know these things!

Two mapping courses will be offered in 2020:

  • BSc: Molinos, Spain, about 13-30 September (Sebastain Mutz & Hartmut Schulz). Priority is given to BSc-students. Note that this trip consists of the mapping course and 3 additional excursion days that can count for your excursions module.
  • MSc: Central Appennines, 26 August - 10 September (Christoph Glotzbach). Priority is given to MSc-students. This mappoing course is somewhat "geology-oriented". A more "mineralogy-oriented" MSc-mapping course in Greece will be offered in 2021 (Michael Marks).

The Molinos course is intended for all BSc-students in the 4th semester in summer 2020, so who started their studies in WS 2018-2019 or before. Students that enrolled in WS 2019-2020 must do their BSc-mapping course in Molinos in 2021, again in September (possibly running until early October; dates will be announced in due time).

If, for some reason, you absolutely cannot attend the course that is intended for you, please register for the other course and contact the course leader.

Please note: a mapping course is not the same as an excursion. Therefore not all field days of a mapping course can be transferred to count as excursion days (Field module 1) instead of a mapping course. The maximum number is 8. Please contact the Module Coordinator (Bons) if you have questions.  

Please remember to cancel your registration if you do not want to attend an excursion any more.
This helps the lecturers a lot!

Finally: Please make sure that the excursion leader signs for the excursion days in your excursion pass. Once you have the required number of excursion days, your pass has to be signed off by the module coordinator: currently Paul Bons.

Make sure you get the final signature well in time, not just before the end of semester, as this is March or September, when the coordinator is likely to be away for fieldwork or other duties when there are no classes. Only the coordinator can sign your pass!

If you collected more than the required days in your BSc and continue in MSc, the excess days can count for your MSc. Please keep your BSc-excursion pass.

Excursion days from other universities (for example from Erasmus exchanges) can count for your excursion module. What is needed is a written and signed statement of the excursion leader, stating the number of days and a brief description of the excursion. The module coordinator (Paul Bons) can then sign for these days in your excursion pass.

Your module coordinator, Paul Bons