Cognitive Modeling

Current Project

Artificial intelligence research paved the way for groundbreaking successes in recent years, leading to new commercial products on new markets. These successes were achieved not least by drawing inspiration from the cognition of intelligent beings to develop more general learning algorithms, which could be applied to highly diverse problems. In contrast, intelligent and even faulty behavior of computer game characters is still mostly rule-based, static, specialized, and the result of effortful scripting. This project funded by the Innovation Grant serves the goal to equip game characters with a cognitively plausible, flexible and learning mind. It aims at developing an innovative and contemporary AI architecture for the games market in order to establish a new concept of gaming. By investigating neurocomputational principles of social intelligence, and by embedding a cognitive architecture in a Super Mario clone, Mr. Schrodt layed the groundwork for this project in which a commercial game for mobile devices will be developed as proof of concept.

Group and Associates

Fabian Schrodt
Adrian Kubicek
Marius Sauter
Alexandra Gurtner
Holger Klitzke
Carl Kliefert
Andreas Specker
Katrin Kunz