Cognitive Modeling

Selected Topics in Cognitive Science WS: Common Sense

We humans have quite a good "common sense" (the fokus lies on "Verständnis" not on the politically partially abused term "Gesunder Menschenverstand"), including intuitive physics, folk psychology, and related aspects. In particular, during early childhood we learn to interpret observations as physical processes and we learn to interpret the actions of others, infering their current goals as well as the intentions and motivations behing it. As a result, we learn about others and we assume self-motivated behavior. Moreover, we are surprised when observed behavior does not match our expectations and models behind those expectations. We will look at experimental work, including developmental aspects, as well as at cognitive models.

Particpants will need to present one paper and submit a short summary of the paper and the discussion that followed. Moreover, participation in all other talks is required.


Prof. Dr. Martin Butz, Dr. Asya Achimova, & Dr. Sarah Fabi


Mi 12 c.t. bis 14 Uhr

Umfang 3 LP
Beginn 04.11.2020
Ort Online
Prüfungsfach Kognitionswissenschaft BSc / MSc

Kognitionswissenschaft C / Master Seminarmodul

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