Dipl.-Inform. Michael Haun

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Raum B307

Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationsnetze

Universität Tübingen

Wilhelm-Schickard-Institut für Informatik

Sand 13, 72076 Tübingen


Michael Haun has a Diploma in Bioinformatics. He has studied at the University of Tübingen, Germany and is currently pursuing his PhD studies on 3D Telephony at Computer Networks and Internet Group in the University of Tübingen. His research interest areas are 3D-Audio, Acoustic Simulation, VoIP, Telephony, Virtual Reality and Distributed Networks.

Since July 2011, Dr. Christian Hoene, Michael Haun and Patrick Schreiner are focusing on their start-up company: the Symonics GmbH was founded on January 10th, 2012. Since then, Michael Haun is the CPO of Symonics GmbH.

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