Fachbereich Informatik

Vorkurs Programming - Informatik 4 Lifescientists

SS 2020

This Vorkurs can only be taken by students who are newly enrolled in the Master bioinformatics and who have been admitted as Variant B (i.e. have life science background (e.g. biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular medicine) from their bachelor and first master degree).

26.3.2020 Important notice due to the current CORONA situation:

The Vorkurs will take place  as an online course in a smaller scale. We make the material available for self-study and offer a forum for questions ans discussions between participants as well as specific live Q&A sessions per topic with the tutors.

The Bioinformatics Vorkurs aims at introducing students to the basic computational issues. It is not going to cover entire programming taught in the Bachelor Bioinformatics course, rather it is meant to provide a starting point for those who are planning a career in bioinformatics, but have no experience with Linux-like systems and programming. It is a Vorkurs, therefore it does not award any ECTS points.


  • Day1: Introduction to Linux and Bash scripting
  • Day2: GitHub usage 
  • Day3: Introduction to LaTeX 
  • Day4: Basic programming concepts, Introduction to Scripting in Python
  • External: Introduction to Programming in Java


We highly recommend this course for everyone who: 

  • is a fresh student in Bioinformatics Masters course coming from a non-computational background.
  • has no prior knowledge of the mentioned topics.

 You don’t need this course, if:

  • You are comfortable in Linux 
  • You are able to script in Python
  • You are comfortable programming in Java


Dates: 3. April till 8. April 2020 (online)
Language: English
Registration: By 2. April 2020, 12 pm, via email to Sascha Patz