Fachbereich Informatik

Registration ML for winter term 2019/2020

(application period time 4th March to 30th April 2019)

This is what you will need for your registration:

  1. ToR (Transcription of Registration) and certificate
  2. Speaking and comprehension skills in the English language (see under Admission Requirements)
  3. A motivation letter (max. 2 pages)
  4. In addition, on the ALMA admission and registration portal you will find the form “Check List of Prior Knowledge for the Master Program Machine Learning” (not yet online) with a number of questions you have to answer. Here is the list of the questions, so you can prepare your answers in advance:
    • In your bachelor courses in mathematics, did you have to perform proofs yourself in exercises? If so, specify up to two brief example statements you had to prove.
    • Did you have multivariate calculus in your bachelor programme? If yes, provide a list of keywords of subjects you have done in multivariate calculus.
    • Provide a list of keywords of the content of your linear algebra class(es).
    • Provide a list of keywords of the concepts you know in stochastics and/or numerics if available.
    • What programming languages do you know? Rate your level of experience in each of them. If you had software project(s), provide the titles of the project(s).
    • Provide a list of keywords of the concepts you had in your algorithms and data structures course(s) (if available).

After the online application, you have to send copies of your documents (they need not be certified) by mail to the student office (details are provided at the end of the online application process).