Fachbereich Informatik

Tentative List of Courses for the Master ML(Foundations of ML and Diverse Topics in ML)

Foundations of Machine Learning Lecturer
Deep Learning (resp. Deep Neural Networks)


Diverse Topics in Machine Learning - Lectures  
Data Literacy Hennig/Nieselt
Mathematics for Machine Learning Hein
Self-Driving Cars Geiger
Advanced Artificial Neural Networks Butz
Advanced Probabilistic Machine Learning Modeling and Applications

Valera/de Bacco

Data Mining and Probabilistic Reasoning Kasneci
Diverse Topics in Machine Learning - Seminars  
Advanced Artifical Neural Nets Butz
Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision Lensch
Current Topics in Deep Neural Networks Zell

Machine Learning for Health

Diverse Topics in Machine Learning - Practical Sessions  
Flying Robots Zell
Machine Learning in Biomedicine Pfeifer


The Program for General Computer Science can be found here (the schedule is not final yet).