IFIB – Interfakultäres Institut für Biochemie

Prof. Dr. Dirk Schwarzer

E-Mail: dirk.schwarzer@uni-tuebingen.de

Tel.: 73344

Fax: 4815

Room: 201

Information: Research group leader

Dirk Schwarzer, born in 1972 in Schleswig (Germany), studied chemistry at the University of Marburg and completed his PhD in 2002 with Mohamed A. Marahiel. After post-doctoral research with Philip A. Cole at the Johns-Hopkins University, in 2006 he moved to the group of Henning D. Mootz at the University of Dortmund. In 2007 he established his own group at the Leibniz-Insititut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) in Berlin. In late 2011 he was appointed Professor of Biochemistry at the Interfaculty Institute for Biochemistry in Tübingen.
His research interests focus on the development and application of chemical tools to study the physiological function of protein modifications.