Pharmakologie, Toxikologie und Klinische Pharmazie


Project (1): Cardio-vascular functions of the intermediate-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel IK

PI: Peter Ruth

Co- worker: Clement Kabagema-Bilan

(in preparation)

Project (2): BK channels as targets of cGMP signalling in myocardial pre- and postconditioning and survival

PI: Robert Lukowski, Co-PI: Peter Ruth

Co- worker: Sandra Frankenreiter, Angelina Kniess, Eva Mohr


(in preparation)


Project (3): Radiation induced Cell Migration in BK channel deficient and proficient Glioma

PIs: Peter Ruth, Stephan Huber

Co-worker: Lena Butz, Benjamin Steegen


(in preparation)

Project (4): Ca2+-activated K+ channels as predictive factors for breast cancer risk and treatment outcome: From pre-clinical models to human disease

PIs: Peter Ruth, Hiltrud Brauch, Werner Schroth, Robert Lukowski

Co-worker: Friederike Steudel, Corinna Mohr, Eric Illison, Andrea Barnert, Michael Glaser, Katrin Junger


(in preparation)

Project (5): Control of metabolic manifestation of obesity by hypothalamic and fat-cell BK channels

PI: Robert Lukowski, Co-PI: Peter Ruth

Co-worker: Julia Illison, Tanja Burke, Katrin Junger


(in preparation)

Project (6): Role of Slack channels for learning tasks, control of locomotor activities and neuro-protection

PIs: Peter Ruth, Robert Lukowski

Co-worker: Anne Bausch, Rebekka Dieter, Yvette Nann, Katrin Junger

(in preparation)

Project (7): BK potassium channels as modulator of sleep/wake cycles and homeostatic dopamine balance

PIs: Peter Ruth

Co-worker: N.N., Isolde Breuning, Beisan Mohamad

(in preparation)

Project (8): Retinal functions of Pde6h and CNGB3

PIs: Peter Ruth, Bernd Wissinger

Co-worker: Clement Kabagema-Bilan, Katrin Junger, (Markus Burkard), (Christina Brennenstuhl), Robert Lukowski

(in preparation)