Fachbibliothek Mathematik und Physik

Apparat Möhle

  Wintersemester 2019/2020  
Athreya / Ney Branching processes 439/73
Bertoin Random fragmentation and coagulation processes 506/2006
Chung Markov chains with stationary transition probabilities 176/60
Doob Stochastic processes 475/71
Ethier/Kurtz Markov processes 182/86
Ewens Mathematical popoulation genetics 246/2005
Harris The theory of branching processes 892/63
Jagers Branching processes with biological applications 1217/75
Karatzas/Shreve Brownian motion and stochastic calculus 521/87
Karlin A first course in stochastic processes 591/66
Karlin/Taylor A second course in stochastic processes 423/81
Kemeny/Snell Finite Markov chains 787/63
Norris Markov chains 625/98
Wakeley Coalescent theory 191/2009
Tavare Saint Flour, 2001: Lectures on probability theory and statistics K  72/2004
Pitman Saint Flour, 2002: Combinatorial Stochastic Processes K 170/2006