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Design Documents
Name Issue Date Description
IN-IM-TUB-TN/EL-002 1.0 11.09.1995 Scientific Data Processing Tasks for INTEGRAL IMAGER
IN-IM-TUB-TN/EL-003 1.0 05.09.1995 Proposal for a Hardware Event Sorter for the IMAGER
IN-IM-TUB-TN/EL-004 1.1 20.11.1995 On Board Scientific Data Processing Tasks for IBIS
El-Notes 04.12.1995 Note from the IBIS PI Team on the Scientific Data Processing for the INTEGRAL/IMAGER
IN-IM-TUB-REQ-001 2.0 February 1997 HEPI requirements
IN-IM-TUB-DES-001 6.6 January 2000 HEPI Design Report
IN.IB.IAS.UR.010/99 3.0 draft August 99 DHS User Requirement Document
IN-IM-TUB-SDD-001 7.0 draft June 2000 Software Design Document
IN-IM-TUB-UM-001 2.4 draft January 2003 IASW User Manual
Interface Descriptions
Name Issue Date Description
IN-IM-TUB-ICD-01 2.4 JANUARY 1999 IBIS Communication Protocol Definition
IN-IM-TUB-TN/EL-017 4.0 January 2000 HEPI Harness and connector description
IN-IM-TUB-TN/EL-018 5.5 January 2000 HEPI Interface description
Test Plans
Name Issue Date Description
IN-IM-TUB-TD-01 1.3 March 2000 HEPI Board QM Test Description
IN-IM-TUB-AIV-001 1.4 February 2000 DHS Verification and Validation Plan

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