Institut für Astronomie & Astrophysik

Participants and Abstracts

Name E-Mail Title & Abstract Type
Adamczak adamczakspam    
Ahmad amirspam Helium-rich subdwarf B stars Talk
Beeck benjaminbeeckspam    
Bildsten bildstenspam Progress on Paths to Type Ia Supernovae Talk
Faint Thermonuclear Supernovae from AM CVn Binaries Talk
Bond bondspam Mass-loss events in the pulsating central star of Longmore 4 Talk
Boyce db139spam The unidentified FUV lines of hydrogen deficient dwarfs Talk
Methods in velocity discrimination applied to DO stars Poster
Clayton gclaytonspam The Evolution of R Coronae Borealis Stars Talk
Copperwheat c.copperwheatspam ULTRACAM observations of two accreting white dwarf pulsators Talk
Crowther Paul.Crowtherspam Spectroscopic analysis of [WC]-type PN central stars Talk
De Marco orsolaspam The evolution of H-deficient post-AGB stars: observational tests of single and binary evolutionary scenarios Talk
Diehl diehlspam The Formation of Hydrogen Deficient Stars through Common Envelope Evolution Talk
Dreizler dreizlerspam    
Dufour dufourpaspam Hot DQ White Dwarf stars: A New Challenge to stellar evolution Talk
Fryer fryerspam Simulations of merging white dwarfs Talk
Geballe tgeballespam 18O and the Origins of Hydrogen-Deficient Carbon Stars and R Coronae Borealis Stars Poster
Geier geierspam    
Gesicki gesickispam The nature of M 2-29 Poster
Glatzel wglatzespam Stability and Pulsations of Wolf - Rayet Stars Talk
Gorny skgspam Properties of [WC] planetary nebulae Talk
Gräfener goetzspam WR wind models: [WC]-type CSPN vs. massive stars Talk
Gustafsson bgspam The problematic modelling of RCrB atmospheres Talk
Hajduk Marcin.Hajdukspam On the Evolved Nature of CK Vul Talk
Studying the Old Planetary Nebula of V4334 Sgr Poster
Hamann wrhspam WR analyses Talk
Heber Heberspam Subluminous O stars Talk
Herwig fherwigspam Origin of Hydrogen-Deficient post-AGB Stars: Late He Flash Talk
Hirsch hirschspam    
Jeffery csjspam Extreme Helium Stars: a panorama Talk
Statistics of Hydrogen-Deficient Stars Talk
Kato marikospam Modeling the light curve of V445 Puppis: Helium nova on a massive white dwarf Talk
Kimeswenger Stefan.Kimeswengerspam Morphologies of the nebulae arround "born-again" CSPNe Talk
Kipper tkspam Optical Spectrum of Z UMi during its maximum light Poster
Koester koesterspam Hydrogen Traces in DB White Dwarfs Poster
Korcakova korspam    
Kusterer kustererspam Accretion-disk wind in AM CVn binaries Poster
Langer n.langerspam Wolf-Rayet stars as GRB progenitors Talk
Liebert liebertspam New Results and a Luminosity Function for DO and DB White Dwarfs Talk
Lynas-Gray aelgspam    
Marcolino wagner.marcolinospam The Ultraviolet Spectrum of the WELS Talk
Marsh t.r.marshspam AM CVn stars Talk
Mazzali mazzalispam Type I Supernovae and their progenitors Talk
Miller Bertolami
Revisiting the Born Again (VLTP) Scenario: The importance of the remnant's mass Talk
Modeling He-rich subdwarfs through the Hot-Flasher Scenario: First results Poster
Asteroseismological Modeling of PG 1159-035, the Prototype of the GW Vir Variable Stars Poster
Miszalski brentspam Central Stars of Galactic Bulge and MASH Planetary Nebulae Poster
Nagel nagelspam Metal Abundances of Accretion Discs in AM CVn Binaries Talk
Napiwotzki r.napiwotzkispam The origin of helium-rich subdwarf O stars Talk
Nelemans nelemansspam H-deficient Low-mass X-ray binary donors Talk
Onifer aoniferspam The Metallicity Dependence of Wolf-Rayet Mass Loss Poster
Pandey pandeyspam Fluorine abundances in R Coronae Borealis Stars Talk
Pavlenko ypspam Model atmospheres and spectra of the cool hydrogen-deficient stars and peculiar giants Talk
Podsiadlowski podsispam Binary Channels for the Formation of Hydrogen-Deficient Stars Talk
Quirion olivierspam Hydrogen-Deficient Compact Pulsators, the GW~Vir Stars and DB White Dwarfs Talk
Rao nkraospam Observational aspects of R CrB Stars Talk
Rauch rauchspam O(He) Stars Talk
On the Distribution of Dust in the "Born-Again" Planetary Nebula A30 Poster
Reiff reiffspam FUSE spectroscopy of cool PG1159 Stars Talk


Shell-model parameters of a star with the R Coronae Borealis type variability Talk
Possible indicator of incipient light minimum in a star with the R Coronae Borealis type variability Poster
List of helium novae Poster
Seasonal variations of radial velocity of RY Sagittarii, a star with the R Coronae Borealis type variability Poster
Saio saiospam Radial and Nonradial Pulsations in RCrB and EHe-B stars Talk
Savanov igsspam Optical spectroscopy of V4334 Sgr in 1996 Talk
Schönberner deschoenbernerspam FG Sge, V605 Aql, Sakurai - Facts and Fictions Talk
Schuh schuhspam The close PG1159 binary system SDSS J212531.92-010745.9 - New light curves and spectra Poster
Solheim j.e.solheimspam Search for pulsations in hydrogen-deficient planetary-nebula nuclei Talk
Todt htodtspam Determining element abundances of [WC]-type Central Stars for probing stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis Talk
Traulsen traulsenspam XMM-Newton Observations of Two Soft X-Ray Selected Magnetic CVs Poster
Van Hoof p.vanhoofspam Recent observations of V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's object) and V605 Aql Talk
Waldman waldmanspam Helium Stars as Supernova Progenitors Talk
Weidemann weidemannspam    
Wende sewendespam Non-Linear Pulsations in Wolf-Rayet Stars Poster
Werner wernerspam Elemental Abundances in PG1159 Stars Talk
KPD0005+5106: Hottest DO White Dwarf Much Hotter Than Assumed Poster
Woudt pwoudtspam V445 Puppis - a unique helium nova Talk
Zacs zacsspam DY Per: Extremely Cool Galactic RCB star? Poster
Ziegler zieglerspam UV and FUV spectroscopy of the hybrid PG 1159 star NGC7094 Talk