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Master Astro and Particle Physics

The focus of the master programme Astro and Particle Physics is put on a distinct quantitative approach as usual in physics, along with the acquisition of essential practical skills with respect to problem sets in the field of Astro and Particle Physics.

The Master Astro and Particle Physics is an international research-oriented two year program established by the Kepler-Center. This programme connects science from the fields of particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology and combines different disciplines in experimental and theoretical physics, astronomy and astrophysics. The education will be in English throughout which prepares the students for the increasing internationalization in industry and modern society.

Learning outcomes:

Study program:

* Participants select four of the eleven specialisation modules.
** The module APP301 should be taken from neighboring scientic fields. This includes advanced modules from the 4-year Bachelor study of Physics or other advanced modules from Mathematics. Choices from other fields are also possible but require a decision of the Exam Committee on an individual basis.

Please see our Flyer and the Module Handbook.

Career options:


The study program requires enthusiasm, curiosity, and a solid basic knowledge in physics.
Applicants must have completed a Bachelor of Science degree in physics or a similar degree with a grade 2.5 or better.
We expect broad interest in natural science as well as willingness to familiarize and work with complex scientific details, and to be able to scientifically communicate in English in written and oral form.
English is the language of instruction and examination in the degree program. The language knowledge requirement is level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference of for Languages.

Application Procedure

Students may join the M.Sc.Astro and Particle Physics program for the twice a year. Deadline for applications from abroad (Non-EU) is July 15 each year for the winter term and January 15 for the summer term. For applicants from within the EU, the deadline is September 30 and March 31 for the winter and summer term, respectively.

 For further information, please visit:


Information on admission to studies (requirements, restrictions, necessary documents, application deadlines, etc.) is available via the Student Administration (zsbspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de) or the study coordinator of Astro and Particle Physics.

The application is to be submitted online via the central portal ALMA.

The program is free for EU citizens, please see the following page for information about tuition fees for international students: https://www.uni-tuebingen.de/en/study/organizing-your-studies/fees/tuition-fees/tuition-fees-for-international-students.html

If you have any questions regarding the Master program, please contact the study or the master coordinator:
Christoph Schäfer (ch.schaeferspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de)
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kley (wilhelm.kleyspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de)

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