Angewandte Kognitionspsychologie und Medienpsychologie

Dr. Ann-Katrin Wesslein

Dr. rer. nat., M. Sc., B. Sc.

Universität Tübingen
Angewandte Kognitionspsychologie und Medienpsychologie
Schleichstr. 4
72076 Tübingen

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Schleichstr. 4, 72076 Tübingen
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Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

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→ Teubner, D. Wesslein, A. K., Rønne, P. B., Veith, M., Frings, C., & Paulus, M. (2016). Is a visuo-haptic differentiation of zebra mussel and quagga mussel based on a single external morphometric shell character possible? Aquatic Invasions, 11, 145-154. doi: 10.3391/ai.2016.11.2.04

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→ Wesslein, A. K., Spence, C., Mast, F., & Frings, C. (2016). Spatial negative priming: In touch, it’s all about location. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 78, 464-473. doi: 10.3758/s13414-015-1028-9

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