Zentrum für Bioinformatik (ZBIT)

Software Installation

Software is installed into a lustre network file system with about 6 TB storage, that is connected via the subnet 10.128.15.x. The software installation root is /soft, being a symbolic link to /lustre/soft. All software is installed according to the following scheme:

/soft /x86_32 <--- 32 bit software /software_name /software_version /x86_64 <--- 64 bit software /software_name /software_version

Currently, Intel compilers for Fortran and C/C++ are available. Bioinformatics Software, like for example Flexx, Cplex, Gaussian and Amber, is installed as well. Just take a look into /lustre/soft. Also, 54 Matlab licenses and the following Matlab toolboxes are available: