Plant Cultivation

These facilities consist of growth chambers (96 m2), temperature controlled trial areas (100m2), glasshouse (400 m2), six standard green-houses (270 m2), field greenhouse (126 m2),and a two hectare field trial area.

The computer controlled glasshouse is composed of six compartments. Environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and light) in eachcabinet are controlled individually. The greenhouses provide a semi-controlledenvironment for growth and multiplication oftransgenic plants.

The field trial area provides optimum conditions for testing plants in a controlled agricultural environment.

Greenhouse- and growth chamber rules






Gert Huber
Gert Huber (Glasshouse Gardener)

Johanna Gray
Johanna Schröter (Glasshouse Gardener)

Sofia Rieger
Sofia Riegger (Glasshouse Gardener)

Ernst Schwärzli
Ernst Schwärzli (Field Trial Gardener)

Muhammad Golkary
Muhammad Golkary (Field Trial Gardener)