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23.03.2020 | Collaborative Research Center 1253 CAMPOS "Catchments as Reactors"

CAMPOS International Conference 2020

"Turnover of Diffuse Pollutants on the Catchment Scale"

Datum :

23.03.2020 bis 25.03.2020

Veranstaltungsort :

GUZ - Center for Geo- and Environmental Sciences, Campus Morgenstelle, Schnarrenbergstr. 94-96

Weiterführende Informationen : CAMPOS International Conference 2020

The conference contributes to the key research issues concerning pollutant transport and turnover on the catchment scale, as well as long-term water quality under changing conditions. One-hour keynote lectures by invited speakers and two intense poster sessions are scheduled.

The three-day conference covers the following major topics:

  •  Catchments Scale Processes & Environmental Monitoring
  •  (Upcoming) Pollutants, Microbial Processes & Risks
  •  New Modeling Concepts, Model Uncertainty & Big Data