Dr. Anette Rein

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Abteilung für Ethnologie
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Dr. Anette Rein, Vorsitzende des Bundesverband freiberuflicher Ethnolog_innen e.V.
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60594 Frankfurt am Main / Germany
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mail: ar_weltenspam

Bundesverband freiberuflicher Ethnolog_innen e.V.
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Workshop: "Creative writing and academic thinking" (Master students)

04/2019 - 05/2019, at Department of Culture- and Socialanthropology, Tübingen University.


The aim of the course is to identify individual problems in academic writing and to strengthen the participants' confidence in their personal existing skills.While practicing different creative writing techniques during the workshop, the fear of a blank sheet of paper will be diminished. Through exercising presentation techniques, the participants experience their own way of presenting verbally with a lasting effect. The practiced teamwork among the participants is strongly promoted and basic techniques of academic writing are discussed and practiced in the workshop.