Tuebingen University - Dōshisha University - Korea University

Tuebingen University, Dōshisha University and Korea University decided in 2015 to strengthen the ties between the three universities by facilitating academic exchange and by organizing annual workshops and conferences.

With TUCKU, Tuebingen University's center in Korea, and TCJS, Tuebingen University's center in Japan, the triangle network is closely interconnected.
For the period of 2017-18, TuDoKu is supported by the Pajako-Program.

The inaugural workshop entitled “Colonial Memories” was held in Tuebingen in June 2015. Korea University hosted the second conference in cooperation with TUCKU in Seoul, discussing "The Sacred and the Secular in East Asia" in October 2016. The forthcomung 2017 workshop is organized by the TCJS and Dōshisha University in Kyōto.