Orient- und Islamwissenschaft

M.A. Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Master of Arts (MA) Program in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Starting in 2017, our department offers its M.A. program for international students in English language. The two-year program of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (M.A.) is designed for students who wish to obtain a strong educational background in the history, religion, and cultures of the Near East. Students interested in specializing in classical and post-classical Islamic Intellectual History will find this program to be especially appealing.


An undergraduate BA degree in a Near Eastern Languages and Cultures or its equivalent is required.
The University of Tübingen Office of Student Affairs administers the admissions to the MA Program. Please refer to the instructions provided on the online application portal.
We also recommend that you to contact our departmental study advisors ahead of time for an approval of the equivalency of your BA degree.


heidrun.eichnerspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de
akpinarspam prevention@aoi.uni-tuebingen.de