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  The Making of Abū Bakr: A Text Critical Study of the Earliest Narratives on the First Caliph of Islam (Proposal accepted by Brill, Islamic History and Civilization Series).

Co-Editer (with F. Montinaro and T. Baum)  'Rethinking ‘Conquest’: Late Antique Near East from Byzantium to Islam. (Proposal accepted by De Gruyter, Millenium Series)

Aufsätze, Buchbeiträge, Rezensionen, etc.


“Medinan Scholars on the Move: Professional Mobility at the Umayyad Court” in: Professional Mobility in the Islamic Lands (900–1600): ‘ulama, udaba, and administrators. Edited by Mohamad Merheb and Mehdi Berriah. Leiden: Brill (Handbook of Oriental Studies, Section 1 The Near and Middle East) (in print)

2020 “Preface”, “Tables”, “Diagrams” for the 2nd Edition of Harald Motzki, Reconstruction of a Source of Ibn Isḥāq’s Life of the Prophet and Early Qurʾān Exegesis: A Study of Early Ibn ʿAbbās Traditions, Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press (forthcoming)
2020 “Narratives on Burāq in Early Islamic Literature” in The Ascension of the Prophet and the Stations of His Journey in the Ottoman Cultural Environment: The Miraj and the Three Sacred Cities of Islam in Literature, Music, and Illustrated Manuscripts. Eds. Ayşe Taşkent, Nicole Kançal-Ferrari. Istanbul: Masa Publications, 2020, 1:381-385. (in print)
2019 “Review of Harald Motzki, Reconstruction of a Source of Ibn Isḥāq’s Life of the Prophet and Early Qurʾān Exegesis: A Study of Early Ibn ʿAbbās Traditions, Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press 2017" in Der Islam, 96/2, 531-537.

[Conference Report] “Parallelisms between Ibn Isḥāq’s  Sīra  Material and Muqātil b. Sulaymān’s Tafsīr” in New Insights into Early Islamic Historiography: A Substantial Conference Report  (Göttingen, 25-26 June 2015). Edited by Yoones Dehghani Farsani and Jens Scheiner. al-ʿUṣūr al-Wusṭā 25 (2017), 160–161. Online-Ressource. islamichistorycommons.org. [Turkish translation]


Co-Author (with Simone Hiller) “Ist der Koran die Bibel für Muslime?” in Warum dürfen Adam und Eva keine Äpfel essen? Kinderfragen zur Bibel - Forscherinnen und Forscher antworten. Edited by Albert Biesinger et. al. München: Kösel-Verlag, 2014, 130-136.

2012 “al-Mawardi” in The Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought. Edited by Gerhard Bowering. Princeton, N. J.: Princeton University Press, 2012, 38-39.

Rezente Vorträge und Konferenzbeiträge

2019 "Surveying Hadith Inscriptions in Medieval and Early Modern Monuments of Anatolia." History Department, Bosphorus University, Istanbul, Turkey, March 28th 2019.
2019 "Landscapes of Knowledge: Hijāzīs in Baghdad." Professional Mobility in the Islamic Lands (900-1600): ʿulamāʾ, udabāʾ, and administrators Conference, SOAS, London, March 20th-21st, 2019

"Seeing God? Disputes about the Prophetic Hadiths on visio beatifica." Hadith and Inner-Islamic Pluralism Conference, Tübingen, December 7th-8th 2018.


“Competing narratives on Abū Bakr's (d. 634) early conversion to Islam.” World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies Seville, July 16th-20th 2018


"The Prophet and the Beast: Diverging Accounts on Burāq in the Light of the Regional Disputes of the 2nd/8th Century". British Association for Islamic Studies 2018 Conference, Exeter, UK, April 10th 2018.

2017 “Kharijism in Kufa: Accounts on Abu Bakr and ʿAli according to Dirar b. ʿAmr’s (d. ca. 200/815) Kitab al-Tahrish” paper presentation at the XXXIII. Deutscher Orientalistentag, Jena, September 18th - 22nd 2017.
2017 “The Battle of Yarmuk in the Arabic Historical Tradition: Searching for the Earliest Layers in the Arabic Sources,” paper presentation at the conference The Battle of Yarmuk (636 CE): Rethinking ‘conquest’ in the Late Antique Near East from Byzantium to Islam, University of Tübingen, June 16th 2017.
2017 “The Prophet Muhammad’s Miraculous Journey (isrāʾ) to Jerusalem in the Light of Diverging Early Traditions,” invited lecture, Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University, Boston, February 3rd, 2017.
2016 “European Digital Platforms for Research in Islamic Studies,” short presentation at the Resource Sharing Workshop: Comparing and Sharing Digital Archival Projects and Resources, Harvard University, Cambridge, November 17th 2016.

Organisation von Tagungen und Konferenzen



"Conversations with Scholars of Islam." Veranstaltungstermine und Info

Three-day lecture and seminar series organised by M. Akpinar and A. Namaz every semester.

Invited guests: Kenneth Garden (Tufts), Wadad Kadi (Chicago), Stefan Leder (Halle), Brian A. Catlos (Boulder), Michael Lecker (Jerusalem), Sean W. Anthony (Ohio)

2019 Intersecting Perspectives on Texts, Methods and Interpretation in Hadith Studies, University of Tübingen, December 13th-14th 2019. Organized by M. Akpinar, R. V. Sanseverino (Program PDF)

Hadith and Inner-Islamic Pluralism: The Origin and Development of the Prophetic Tradition as trans-denominational Phenomenon, University of Tübingen, December 7th-8th 2018. Organized by Hossam Mohammed Ouf, M. Akpinar, R. V. Sanseverino. (Hadith Conference PROGRAM)

2017 The Battle of Yarmuk (636 CE): Rethinking ‘conquest’ in the Late Antique Near East from Byzantium to Islam, University of Tübingen, June 16th-17th 2017. Organized by F. Montinaro and M. Akpinar. [Yarmuk Conference PROGRAM]
2010 Arabic Historiography in its Arabic Age: al-Baladhuri’s Ansab al-Ashraf, Cairo, Feb 27th - March 1st 2010. Organized by S. Leder and M. Akpinar. Supported by Orient-Institut Beirut & Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

Abgehaltene Lehrveranstaltungen


WS19-20 Exegetisches Denken im Koran (8. - 15. Jahrhundert) HS
SS19 Abraham in the Qurʾan and in the Muslim Exegetical Tradition (Ü)
WS18-19 A Thousand and One Nights: History, Reception and Adaptation (HS)

Heirat und Scheidung im Islam: Rechtstheorie und gelebte gesellschaftliche Praxis (Marriage and Divorce in Islamic Law and Social Practice) (PS)


Venerating the Prophet Muhammad: Praise Poems in Arabic Literature (HS)


Einführung in die Hadithwissenschaften (Introduction to Hadith) (PS)

WS16-17 Crusades from the Perspective of the Arab Chroniclers (Ü)
SS16 Geschichte des muslimisch-christlichen Kontakts (History of Muslim and Christian Contacts) (PS)
SS16 Understanding the Concept of Jihad in Islamic Sources (Ü)
WS15-16 Einführung in das Islamische Recht (Introduction to Islamic Law) (PS)
WS15-16 Readings in Modern Arabic Prose (Ü)
SS15 Einführung in die Islamische Mystik (Introduction to Islamic Mysticism) (PS)
SS15 Readings in Sufi Literature (Ü)
WS14-15 Die islamische Hadith-Kritik (Hadith Criticism) (HS)
WS14-15 Biographical Literature in Arabic and Islam: The Tabaqat Genre (Ü)
SS14 Arabic and Islamic Political Thought: A Textual Perspective (Ü)
SS14 Arabisch IV (Classical Arabic) (SK)
WS13-14 Häresiographische Texte im Islam (Heresiographical Literature in Islam) (HS)
WS13-14 Autobiographical writings in Classical and Modern Arabic Literature (Ü)
SS13 Geschichte der ersten vier islamischen Kalifen (632-661) (The History of the Rashidun Caliphs) (PS)
SS13 Arabisch IV (Classical Arabic) (SK)
WS12-13 Exegetisches Denken im Islam vom 8. Jh. bis zum 15. Jh (Quranic Exegetical Thinking between 8th-15th centuries) (HS)
WS12-13 Early Islamic Historiography (Ü)
SS12 Politisches Denken bei al-Gahiz (d. 869) (Political Thought of al-Jahiz) (HS)
SS12 Arabisch IV (Classical Arabic) (SK)
WS11-12 Hadith - Einführung in Arbeitstechniken, Forschungsmethodik und Themen (Introduction to Hadith Methodology) (HS)
WS11-12 Die Biographie des Propheten (The Biography of the Prophet Muhammad) (Ü)
SS11 Arabisch IV (Classical Arabic) (SK)


SPR 10 Islamic Theology: 600-1300
SPR 09 Islam and the State: Origins and Evolution of Political Thought in Islam (Stuart Tave Teaching Fellowship)