Leonard, Jane Kate, Prof. emer.

Prof. emer. Jane Kate Leonard from the University of Akron, Ohio, will spend two months at the Department of Chinese and Korean studies. Her stay in Tübingen is financed by a DFG Mercator Guest Professorship which was applied for by the Institute of Chinese Studies of Heidelberg University, with the support of the Department of Chinese and Korean Studies of Tübingen University. Jane Kate Leonard is an eminent scholar in the field of Chinese Institutional and Business History and is presently engaged in the study of one of the most significant texts for examining early nineteenth-century statecraft thought Essays on Statecraft during the Qing Dynasty (Huangchao jingshi wenbian), a collection of essays on festering government problems faced by the imperial government.
From October to November 2008 she will offer a research-focussed seminar and lecture series based on her current work on change and innovation in the Qing dynasty’s system of capital grain supply on the Grand Canal in the 1820s and the unprecedented experiment with sea transport in 1826. The lectures will be followed by four all-day seminars, open to graduate students and research associates as well as members of the Forschergruppe “Monies, Markets, and Finance in China and East Asia, 1600-1900“.
Her lectures will be announced in the Department and will appear on the current lectures page