Assistant Prof. Dr. FU Ma 付马

Visiting scholar of Chinese History at the Department of Chinese Studies, University of Tübingen, in winter semester 2019-2020, supported by a Teach@Tübingen Fellowship.

Academic Career

  • 2019: Assistant Professor, Department of History & Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History, Peking University, China.
  • 2017-2019: Post-doctoral researcher, Department of History, Peking University.
  • 2017: PhD in Chinese History, Peking University.
  • 2013: MA in Chinese History, Peking University.
  • 2008: BA in Law, Renmin University of China, Beijing.

Research Focus

His academic interests include the history of northwest China and Central Asia from the 7th to 14th centuries, the history of Sino-Western communication in the pre-modern period, Silk Road studies, as well as the study of unearthed manuscripts in Chinese and Old Turkic.

I. Monograph
1. The West Uighur Kingdom on the Silk Road: Study on the History of East Central Asia, 9th to 13th Centuries 丝绸之路上的西州回鹘王朝:9~13世纪中亚东部历史研究, Beijing: Social Science Academic Press 社科文献出版社, 2019.
II. Articles
1. “Study of the Titles of the West Uighur Rulers: Chronology, Structure and Features” 西州回鶻統治者稱號研究:年代、結構與特徵, Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, vol. 91, 2020, forthcoming.
2. “On the Emergence of Clan Markers in the Old Uyghur Personal Names, 12th to 14th Centuries” 12-14世纪回鹘人名中的家族成分及其产生原因, Ethno-National Studies 民族研究, 2019 (5), pp. 81-93.
3. “On the Nestorian Christian Network along the Silk Road between the Tang and Yuan Periods and its Political Role” 唐元之間絲綢之路上的景教網絡及其政治功能, Literature and History 文史, 2019 (3), pp. 181-196.
4. “Were the Old Uighurs Turks? —On the ‘Türk’ Seen in Old Uighur Texts and the Old Uighurs’ Ethnic Identity” 回鶻是“突厥”嗎? ——回鶻文獻中的“突厥” 與回鶻的族群認同, Journal of Tang Studies 唐研究, vol. 24, Peking University Press, 2019, pp. 69-86.
5. “On the Cities along the Southern Slope of the Tianshan Mountain in the Uighur Time” 回鹘时代的丝绸之路天山南道诸城, in: Zhu Yuqi朱玉麒, ed., Literature and History of the Western Regions 西域文史, Beijing: Science Press, vol. 13, 2019, pp. 141-152.
6. “On the Emergence of the Independent Regime in Hami during the Song and Yuan Dynasties” 宋元之间哈密地区独立政权的出现, in: Rong Xinjiang 荣新江 and Dang Baohai 党宝海, eds., Marco Polo and the Silk Road (10th-14th Century) 马可波罗与10-14世纪的丝绸之路, Beijing: Peking University Press, 2019, pp. 224-232.
7. “A Comparative Study on Two Kinds of Manuscripts of Old Uighur Araṇemi Jātaka: With a Discussion on the Translation of Buddhist Literature in the Early Period of the West Uighur Kingdom” 两种回鹘语<阿离念弥本生经>写本比较研究——兼论西州回鹘早期的译经活动, Western Regions Studies 西域研究, 2018 (3), pp. 31-49.
8. “The Uighur Kingdom of Qocho between 866 and 876 AD: A Study on a Chinese Document BD11287 Unearthed from Dunhuang” 唐咸通乾符年间的西州回鹘政权——国图藏BD11287号敦煌文书研究, Dunhuang Research 敦煌研究, 2014 (2), pp. 76-81.
9. “The City of Beiting (Bešbalık) from the 9th to 13th Centuries: On the Reconstruction of this City Revealed by Document Mainz 345” 回鹘时代的北庭城——德藏Mainz 354号文书所见北庭城重建年代考, Western Regions Studies 西域研究, 2014 (2), pp. 9-22.
10. “The Expansion of the Uighur Kingdom of Qocho in its Early Years: A Study on the Manuscript xj222-0661.09 Housed in the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage” 西州回鹘王国建立初期的对外扩张——中国文化遗产研究院藏xj222-0661.09号回鹘文书的历史学研究, in: Zhu Yuqi 朱玉麒, ed., Literature and History of the Western Regions 西域文史, Beijing: Science Press, vol. 8, 2013, pp. 145-162.