Prof. Dr. YANG Aidong 杨爱东

Visiting scholar at the Department of Chinese Studies, University of Tübingen, March 2020 to February 2021.

1. Academic Career
•    Since 2017 Associate Professor at Shandong University of Science and Technology
•    2015 postdoctoral studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology at University of Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing
•    2014 PhD in Philosophy of Science and Technology at Shandong University
•    Since 2006 teacher at Shandong University of Science and Technology
•    2006 M.A. in Philosophy of Science and Technology at Qufu Normal University
•    2000 B.A in Management at Shandong University

2. Research Focus
During her doctoral studies, Yang Aidong focused on questions of contact and conflict between Chinese and Western culture during the late Ming and early Qing periods. She investigated changes in Fang Yizhi’s 方以智 (1611-1671) thought after he had read the Tianxue chuhan 天學初函 (First Collectanea of Heavenly Studies; 1626) and other treatises of the Jesuit missionaries. She elucidated how Fang Yizhi, as a typical Confucian scholar, learnt and absorbed Western science and how his pragmatic stance hampered him in gaining a deeper insight into the nature of Western knowledge. Yang Aidong’s postdoctoral studies concentrate on the Qiongli xue 窮理學 (Learning about the Fathoming of Principles; 1683), a collection of Western treatises, which was compiled by Ferdinand Verbiest in the late seventeenth century. She is interested in the question of what were the ideas and concepts of Western knowledge that the Qiongli xue intended to convey to the literati class of China and how Chinese scholars reacted to them.

3. Main Publications
Yang Aidong published a series of articles on Fang Yizhi’s intellectual thought and his absorption of Western science, such as “Review and Prospects on Studies about the Relationship between Western Science and Ideological Trends of Practical Learning in the Ming and Qing Dynasties” (2014), “Fang Yizhi’s Breakthrough in the Traditional Concept of ‘Investigation of Things and Extension of Knowledge’ (gewu zhizhi)” (2015), “Analysis on Fang Yizhi’s Views about Knowledge” (2016), and “Focusing on ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Intellect’: Fang Yizhi’s Thought about Thinking” (2020). In 2020 she also published a revised version of her PhD thesis as a book under the title The Spread of Western Learning to the East and Fang Yizhi’s Thought of Practical Learning. Moreover, from 2016 onwards Yang Aidong has been doing research on the Qiongli xue and has published her first articles on this topic, e.g., “The Translation and Dissemination of Aristotle’s Epistemology in Seventeenth-century China” (2018) and “The Introduction of Aristotle’s episteme in Qiongli xue” (2018).
•    明末清初东传科学与实学思潮关系研究的回顾与展望,自然辩证法通讯,2014(3)。
•    方以智对传统“格物致知”论的突破,湖北社会科学,2015(2)。
•    方以智知识观探微,合肥工业大学学报,2016(6)。
•    重知与重智:方以智实学思想的一个侧面,西安航空学院学报(社会科学版),2020(4)。
•    西学东渐与方以智的实学思想,知识产权出版社,2020(12)。
•    17世纪《穷理学》对亚里士多德知识论的翻译与传播,科学技术哲学与研究,2018(3)。
•    《穷理学》对亚里士多德“知识”概念的引进,自然辩证法研究,2018(11)。