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Gastvortrag Nicolas Lamare, FU Berlin

16. April 2018, 18 Uhr c.t.

Am Montag, 16. April 2018, 18 Uhr c.t., hält Nicolas Lamare, FU Berlin einen Vortrag über "Thirsty cities: Water Supply in Late Antique and Byzantine North Africa".

Ort: Seminarraum Alte Geschichte, Hegelbau 5. OG, Wilhelmstraße 36, Tübingen


Byzantine cities in North Africa are not only a matter of fortifications. In this presentation I aim to focus on both a daily life and environmental aspect of ancient urban civilizations, the cities water resources and supply. Specifically, my study focuses on the elaboration of new strategies and adaptation of infrastructures in the field of hydraulics at the end of Antiquity, while the implementation of aqueducts and water network in the Early Roman Empire has long been the main point of attention. How did the Byzantines managed to ensure water supply in cities inside and outside fortifications? Were water availability and infrastructures decisive elements for implementing urban walls? To what extent the renaissance of the classical city claimed by Justinian politics was a matter of hydraulics? On the basis of my doctoral researches on fountains and hydraulic network in Roman North African cities, I would like to raise several questions concerning the continuity of traditional classical water supply by spring and aqueduct, usually considered nonfunctional in the Late Antique period while inscriptions claimed hydraulic structures to have been restored.