Alte Geschichte

Dr. Paul Jarvis

Teach @ Tübingen Post-doctoral Research Fellow


Wilhelmstr. 36, Raum 508, 72074 Tübingen

07071 / 29 74231



  • Donnerstag 14 - 16 Uhr

since October 2021
Teach @ Tübingen Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Seminar für Alte Geschichte, Tübingen

DAAD Research Fellow

Seminar für Alte Geschichte, Tübingen

PhD in Classics

University of Edinburgh, UK

Master of Arts in Classics

University of Tasmania, Australia

Bachelor of Arts in Classics and Philosophy

University of Tasmania, Australia


Research interests

Roman socio-political and cultural history, especially of the Antonine and Severan periods. The historiography of the period, esp. Cassius Dio, Fronto, Herodian, and the Historia Augusta. Other research interests include the Roman republic and early imperial period, and Roman North Africa.

Political culture, identity, social and political history, prosopography, epigraphy, the Antonines, the Severans, the imperial court.


Journal articles

  1. (2022) “Pertinax and Plots in the Historia Augusta: a dismissal in 170 and two conspiracies in 193 CE”, Antichthon 56: forthcoming.
  2. (2017) “M Peducaeus Plautius Quintillus: Adoption, Marriage, and the Manipulation of Imperial Propinquity”, Chiron 47: 1-20.
  3. (2015): “Avidius Cassius and Maecianus in the Historia Augusta”, Mnemosyne 68.4: 666-76. Doi: 10.1163/1568525X-12341562


  1. (2010): “The Politics of Fraud: A Servilius Casca in Livy”, in N. O'Sullivan (ed.), ASCS 31

In progress

  • The Emperor Pertinax (monograph, Routledge publishers)
  • Commodus Court: Conspiracy and Consequences (journal article, under review)