Englisches Seminar

Prof. Dr. Michael Butter


Michael Butter has been Professor of American Literary and Cultural History at the University of Tübingen since 2014. He received his PhD from the University of Bonn in 2007 and his Habilitation from the University of Freiburg in 2012. He is the author of three monographs: The Epitome of Evil: Hitler in American Fiction, 1939–2002 (New York: Palgrave, 2009), Plots, Designs, and Schemes: American Conspiracy Theories from the Puritans to the Present (Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter, 2014), and Der »Washington-Code«: Zur Heroisierung amerikanischer Präsidenten, 1775-1865 (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2016). His research interests include the colonial period and the Early Republic, the construction of heroes, film, popular culture, and conspiracy theories. He was the main proposer and now serves as vice chair of the EU COST Action “Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories.”

Address: Wilhelmstr. 50, 72074 Tübingen
Office: Room 558
Phone: (+49)(0)7071-29-77341
Fax: (+49)(0)7071-29-5132
Email: michael.butterspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de




"Think Thrice, It’s Alright: Mad Men’s ‘The Wheel’ and the Future Study of Television Narratives.” Narrative 25.3 (2017): 374-89.

"Dunkle Komplotte: Zur Geschichte und Funktion von Verschwörungstheorien." Politikum 3 (2017): 4-14.

Der »Washington-Code«: Zur Heroisierung amerikanischer Präsidenten, 1775-1865. Göttingen: Wallstein, 2016. Figurationen des Heroischen 3.

(with Astrid Franke and Horst Tonn) Von Selma bis Ferguson: Rasse und Rassismus in den USA. Bielefeld: transcript, 2016. American Culture Studies 15.

(with Birte Christ) American Presidency. Special Issue of Der Fremdsprachliche Unterricht Englisch 141 (2016). [Peer-reviewed]




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