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Industrial companies in Europe all have working relations with other European companies or companies from overseas, either as subcontractors, subsidiaries, mother companies or sister companies. The staff in the production services must regularly communicate with its counterparts in other countries, on technical matters linked to research, conception, engineering, quality management or maintenance. The language used to communicate is always English, although it is very often neither partner’s native language. Yet these people have very often neglected the learning of English. The impossibility for technical staff to be able to communicate in English then often hinders international cooperation between industrial companies. Learning a foreign language is also costly in terms of time and travelling to go to organised courses, and therefore new formula, which are adapted to the situation of this target group, i.e. the employees in industry, must be found.

How does CADOS work ?

CADOS uses the Telos Language Partner learning platform. It can be used both offline (CD-ROM) and online (Internet), in classroom teaching or as self-study material.

On-line courses enable learners from different countries to work together in a common language.

The training package contains 6 modules:

  1. Introducing the Company
  2. Negotiating a Contract
  3. Research and Development
  4. Production
  5. Planning and Logistics
  6. Quality Management

Each module is composed of 4 to 8 units. They are based on videos or authentic dialogues, with exercises to practice comprehension, expression, vocabulary and grammar.