Englisches Seminar

Applied English Linguistics (Kurt Kohn)

Logos Gaias Project

Hypermediale Sprachenkompetenz für integrierte Kulturlandschaftsentwicklung in Europa

Leonardo da Vinci programme (European Union), 2001-2004

The global demand for a closer interconnection between economy and environment on a national and international level creates a challenge for co-operation and communication in many related branches of industry and society (tourism, regional development, environmental education, environmental protection as well as agriculture and forestry). In the present climate of the increasing globalisation, people who work in these branches are faced with a growing amount of interdisciplinary work and cross-border communication. As a consequence, there is a high demand for experts with an international educational background. Profound knowledge of a second language (including the subject-specific terminology) is a basic and yet very important requirement in such a work climate.

This project will develop and validate an embedded language training solution. It will be based on (1) the modeling of user-specific language and terminology needs, (2) a multilingual terminology and knowledge database, (3) the pedagogical multimedia and Internet potential of Telos Language Partner (TLP Pro) as well as (4) the Internet forum FAS - factline.

Authentic subject-specific training contents will be the starting point for the development of multimedia language learning materials for CD Rom and Internet. Learners can use these materials for self-study. Teachers will have access to subject-specific language learning modules which they can customise to adapt them to the needs (level, communicative situation) of their learner groups.

Kurt Kohn