Englisches Seminar

Applied English Linguistics (Kurt Kohn)

TALL Project

Teaching Autonomy in Language Learning

Leonardo da Vinci programme (European Commission), 1998 - 2001

The project aimed to teach teachers how to best support autonomous language learning. The focus was on adult education (vocational training, local industries and university education). As a first step, case studies on autonomy in language learning were carried out in industrial and university settings to gain insights needed as input for the development of the relevant training materials. Emphasis was on two pedagogic scenarios for which autonomous learning (in the sense of 'guided autonomy') forms an integral part:

Based on these case study results and on additional input from published sources, the project partners produced training modules (for German, French, Italian) and didactictal materials for language teachers with a special emphasis on pedagogic competencies, activities and (multi-media) learning materials required for supporting autonomous technology-enhanced language learning.

A multilingual website was developed with a) Concept and Principles b) Evaluation studies c) Multimedia learning and Authoring d) Multimedia contents for autonomus language learning.


Kurt Kohn