Englisches Seminar

Applied English Linguistics (Kurt Kohn)

TELOS Project

Telematics Enhanced Language Learning and Tutoring Systems

Telematics Applications Programme (European Commission); 1996-1998

The Telos project developed and demonstrated a multimedia and telematics platform supporting self-study language learning, language authoring & customisation for CD-ROM, LAN and Internet delivery, and LAN-based learnware management.

The Telos project addressed the needs and requirements of the learners and tutors in educational and industrial Language Training Centres (LTCs) across three different settings: the university, the company and the rural area. Particular attention was paid to the integration of classroom-type learning and teaching with autonomous multimedia-based self-study, customised learnware delivery and tele-tutoring. A tele-pedagogic 'bottom up' strategy was adopted in the development of Telos. Accordingly, all Telos implementation and demonstration work was built on existing training structures in a carefully controlled multimedia and telematics up-grading and expansion process.

The main project development activities concentrated on the implementation of the Telos Demonstrator Platform, based on pedagogic user scenario analyses and functional and technical specifications generated within the project. Multimedia learnware packages were developed to support Telos Platform verification and Telos demonstration courses.