Englisches Seminar

Information concerning the Corona Virus/COVID-19

Please note: general information on the effects of the Corona Virus can be found on the university website

Digital Semester: We have now started the new semester digitally and we hope that you're doing well in these challenging times. The department has managed to offer most of its course program online, although some courses - including some of those that would have been taught by guest professors - have unfortunately been cancelled. Not surprisingly, online courses turn out to be quite different from regular ones. In the coming weeks, we'll all be part of a learning process. Its success will depend on our willingness to adapt and to be flexible and creative. Let's try to do this in a spirit of cooperation. 

The Secretary's Office is closed; please contact anglistikspam prevention@es.uni-tuebingen.de or the Helpdesk.

In-person office hours will not be possible until further notice (alternatives include Email, Skype, and telephone). 

For additional, updated information please be sure to check our:

Information for first-semester Bachelor and Master students

Bachelor of Education

Beginners in the Bachelor of Education may consult the special website for first-year students in the B.Ed. English. Furthermore, there is our "Virtual Student Guide" which offers a comprehensive overview of the study program with all official documents and Frequently Asked Questions for each module.

M.A. American Studies

General starter kit (pdf)

Planning your first semester (pdf)

Please call Katerina Magdou (2972959, Monday-Thursday 11.00-12.00) to sign up for courses on alma.

M.A. English Linguistics

Planning your first semester (pdf) 

Contact Paula Menéndez Benito if you have any questions. Please call Katerina Magdou (2972959, Monday-Thursday 11.00-12.00) to sign up for courses on alma.

Master of Education

Please consult the module handbook on the website of the Prüfungsamt (scroll down to Englisch - M. Ed). If you have any questions, you can contact the Helpdesk or one of the student advisors (Nicole Hirschfelder, Stefan Hofstetter, and Angelika Zirker).

M.A. English Literatures and Cultures

Please read our guidlines for getting started.