Englisches Seminar

68th Annual Meeting of the German Association for American Studies (DGfA)

Tübingen, June 9-11, 2022


Section for Amercian Studies & Section for TEFL

English Department, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

 +(49) 7071 29 74535

dgfa22spam prevention@es.uni-tuebingen.de


All keynotes, the board meeting, the Current Events Panel, the Womens Caucus, the Diversity Roundtable, the Friday workshops, as well as the members assembly will all be held hybridly – taking place in Tübingen & being streamed via Zoom.

If you're registered for the conference, you will attain the annual meeting's Zoom link via email shortly before the event. 

This year's final program is online now.

On the Annual Meeting's Online/On Site Infrastructure:

Most events – all keynotes, the board meeting, the Current Events Panel, the Womens Caucus, the Diversity Roundtable, the Friday workshops, as well as the members assembly – of this year's annual meeting will be streamed via Zoom in addition to being held on the ground in Tübingen. We strongly feel that the low-treshold character of a hybrid event is the most inclusive way of conferencing at this very moment in time, doubling and applying some aspects of political education. 

If you are registered for this conference, you will attain the Zoom link and further instructions shortly before the event. Tübingen is providing a Zoom coordinator who will make sure that the transition between online and on site talks will run smoothly. We also hired our in-house media company to professionally film and stream all events. 

Youtube Stream: 

Conference Opening & Keynote by Prof Dr. Vanessa Andreotti (Thursday, June 9th, 5 pm)

Keynote Prof. Dr. Mita Banerjee & Current Events Panel "On the Relationship between Scholarship and Activism" (Friday, June 10th, 9 am - 12:30 pm)

Keynote Prof. Dr. Kabria Baumgartner (Saturday, June 11th, 12:30 - 2:00 pm)

A word on Corona Etiquette:

According to current regulations in Baden-Württemberg and the university, you are not obliged to wear masks indoors. However, out of consideration for one another, our recommendations are to wear a mask in enclosed rooms, to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other persons throughout the conference, to ensure thorough hand-washing and to cough or sneeze into a tissue. In seminar rooms, please ventilate the rooms regularly or just leave the windows open. Speakers may, of course, take off their masks if they feel comfortable doing so.

On Political Education & American Studies:

Political Education has played a special role in German American Studies due to the unique political context of the development of the discipline in postwar Germany. After the Second World War, American Studies itself was seen as instrumental for German re-education in West Germany. The efforts at re-education were based on the belief that the study of American literature and culture, its history, economy, and political system might be inspiring in the process of establishing a stable democratic system and culture, firmly embedded in the Western bloc of the Cold War. Thus, the US supported the foundation of academic centers for American Studies in the former Bundesrepublik and West-Berlin. Meanwhile, in the German Democratic Republic, American Studies developed in its own right, also embedded in a strong force field of international relations and the Cold War. This evolution of American Studies in the context of antithetical political agendas and its assumed roles in the political education of the German population on both sides of the German divide is quite unique to the German branch of American Studies. See the full Call for Paper here. 

How to Get Here

Conference Venues 

The two main conference venues are the Brechtbau (Wilhelmstraße 50, 72074) and the Neue Aula (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz, 72074). 

Public transport

Arriving by plane

International guests are recommended to arrive via Stuttgart Airport (IATA code STR). The airport is about 30 kilometres from the city centre of Tübingen. The journey by car takes about half an hour under normal traffic conditions. In addition, there is a direct bus line 828 (Airport Sprinter) between the airport and the university's Campus Tal. The journey by bus takes about one hour.

Arriving by train

Within Germany and parts of Western Europe it is recommended to travel by train via Stuttgart. Stuttgart's main station is connected to the European high-speed rail network and is served by both ICE trains of Deutsche Bahn and French TGV. The onward journey from Stuttgart to Tübingen takes place with local train of Deutsche Bahn. The journey takes about one hour.

Arriving by bus

As a typical student city, Tübingen is connected to a large number of cities by long-distance buses. Within Tübingen, local buses take over public transport. All important university sites such as the Campus Tal, the university hospitals and the Campus Morgenstelle can be reached by bus within 5-15 minutes from the bus station in front of Tübingen main station.

Arriving by car

Tübingen is easily accessible by car via various freeways. The four-lane Bundesstraße 27 leads directly from the Autobahn 8 at Stuttgart Messe to Tübingen. Road users on the Autobahn 81 take the Herrenberg exit coming from the north and the Rottenburg exit coming from the south. From Herrenberg the Bundesstraße 296 leads to Tübingen. From the Rottenburg exit, take the Bundesstraße 28 a as well as state roads.

Tübingen has several car parks close to the university:

  • Car park Brunnenstraße 29 (Campus Tal)
  • Car park Altstadt König, Herrenberger Str. 2 (historical center, university hospital Tal)
  • Car park P4 Crona, Hoppe-Seyler-Straße 2 (university hospital Berg)
  • Car park Ebenhalde, Schnarrenbergstraße 158 (Campus Morgenstelle)


Using the reservation code “Political Education”, conference participants may book rooms at a reduced rate until spring 2022 (see below) at the following hotels. Please note that only a limited number of these reduced-rate rooms will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. All offers include breakfast.

Hotel Barbarina

Wilhelmstraße 94, 72074 Tübingen

+49 7071 26048

Bookable until April 10th, 2022


Hotel Krone Tübingen

Uhlandstraße 1, 72072 Tübingen

+49 7071 13310

Bookable until March 11th, 2022


Hotel Meteora

Weizsäckerstraße 1,

72074 Tübingen

+49 7071 9709020

Bookable until May 9th, 2022


Ibis Styles Hotel Tübingen

Friedrichstraße 20, 72072 Tübingen

+49 7071 75880

Bookable until March 11th, 2022

Childcare at the DGfA 22

The local organizers of this year's DGfA 22 offer onsite (Brechtbau, Wilhelmstraße 50) childcare for all three conference days, 09.-11.06.22. Registration for childcare must be done by May 8th, 2022 using this form and sening it to dgfa22spam prevention@es.uni-tuebingen.de


  • Who and where? Children are looked after at the Brechtbau, one of the main conference venues, by trained kindergarten teachers. 
  • Language? The carers speak mainly German and some English. 
  • Childcare times? 08:30-18:00 h
  • What's provided? Toys, diapers, and other necesarry equipement. Please bring a packed lunch for your toddler.


The following critera must be met to be eligble for childcare: 

  • Your child must be between 2-5 years old
  • You have to be a registered participant at the DGfA 22 in Tübingen
  • You must agree to our "Haftungsausschluss"
  • You must have valid travel insurance 

Due to a limited capacity, childcare spaces will be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis


Depending on the amount of childcare needed, we will require for you to cover half the cost of the required childcare, 10,- € per hour. We are are more than glad to issue a bill for your home institution. 


Cancellation fees will apply and depend on the date of the given notice.

What to Do in & around Tübingen

Tübingen is in the middle of the federal state "Baden-Württemberg" in southern Germany and offers plenty possible activities and sightseeing. Explore Tübingen´s old town with small frame houses and narrow alleys. Take a look at Tübingen and its surroundings from above at Tübingen´s castle. Or take a stroll on the isle in the Neckar and enjoy the view of the coloured houses facing the Neckar, the so-called "Neckarfront". Legend has it that the plane trees on the isle were planted by Tübingen´s last executioner. And of course: Do not miss the opportunity to take part in a punting tour on the Neckar! You can find information about Tübingen´s history at the city museum. If you are more interessted in ancient cultures the museum at Tübingen´s castle is a prime adress. Besides cultural activities there is also considerable night life in Tübingen! There are bars from cosy to fancy, like "Collegium" or "Bartista". Small clubs like "Butterbrezel" and "Schwarzes Schaf" offer dance floors different from the large club "TOP10".

The area surrounding Tübingen has a lot to offer. If you enjoy hiking, the forest nearby - called "Schönbuch" - offers a lot of possible trails. You can also visit the famous castle Hohenzollern near Hechingen, which is accessible easily by train. There are also very nice hiking routes around the Swabian Alb, for example the so-called "Traufgänge" which do not require special equipment or experience and stamina. If you are more into shopping, visiting "Outletcity Metzingen" and Stuttgart is a good idea. You get to both by train. The Ritter Sport Chocolate Museum and factory outlet is also a worthwhile visit.

But you don´t have to explore Tübingen on your own! We will organise several events, and you are invited to join us!

If you want to know more about Tübingen visit Tübingen´s Wikipedia pagetourist office ('Bürger- und Verkehrsverein'and the TUEpedia page. You will find some general information, interesting details and more ideas for worthwhile sightseeing.

Press Information

Please contact Katharina Luther via email dgfa22spam prevention@es.uni-tuebingen.de