Englisches Seminar

Information for students seeking supervision

I am interested in supervising theses on any subject within formal linguistics, in particular syntax, morphology, and discourse-structure, concerning varieties of English, or concerning cross-linguistic comparisons between English and other Germanic languages and/or Turkish.

A prospective candidate should have received a grade of 3,0 or above for a Hauptseminar in an area in which I specialise (see above and here), preferably one of my Hauptseminars.

In Sommersemester 2021, my Hauptseminar "Ellipsis and reduced registers" also functions as a Kolloquium for Master's students. If you take this course as a Kolloquium, you are basically committing yourself to having me as your Master's thesis supervisor. If you are interested in attending this class as a Kolloquium, please email me (introducing yourself, your background, and your potential Master's thesis topic) before you enrol via ALMA.