Englisches Seminar

Frequently asked questions

  • I could not register for your course because the open period on Campus is over. Can I join anyway?

    Yes, if there is space. But please check on Campus if there is still space in the course before writing to me. If there is space, then write me an e-mail. Include your name, matriculation number, and course of study.
    If the course is full, you have to join the bottom of the waiting list. It would be unfair not to let other people in who registered in time, but let you in who didn't.
    You can find out if there is space on Campus by clicking on the course you want to do. Then look down for the link Belegungsinformation. That will tell you how many places have been taken and if there is a long queue. If there are some exceptional circumstances why I might be willing to accept you anyway, then write to me and explain why. For example, if you are an exchange student, you probably can't register in the usual way. Just write to me, I'll do my best to help.

  • I want to join your Hauptseminar/Oberseminar.

    Then go onto Campus and read a) how to register, and b) what the preconditions are.
    Registration: Because there are various groups of students attending my Hauptseminar and I need to balance the needs of the these groups, you may have to register on Campus or by e-mail.
    Preconditions: Because there are also Masters students in my HS, I have to assume that you know a bit about how sentence grammar works. You can't start as a zero beginner. It is therefore a precondition that you have done a PS in grammar or a related field. A PS Intro Syntax is fine, PS Minimalist Syntax is fine, PS Structure and Meaning is also fine, a PS in sentence processing would be fine too. If in doubt, ask me.

  • I want to join your course as a Gasthörer. / I just want to sit in on your course.

    Basically, no. This would be okay in a lecture in which one person stands at front and talks for an hour and a half, and then everyone leaves the room. But everybody is expected to take full part in a seminar so there isn't really a place for people to be in the room but not part of the course. And there is usually no spare space anyway.

  • I am studying for an education degree and I would like you to be my oral examiner.

    If you have done a Hauptseminar in Linguistics with me and written me a term paper for which you got a grade better than 3.0, then I will automatically accept you as a candidate.  Note that you also have to put me as your first choice of linguistics examiner on the examiner application form. 
    If you haven't done a Hauptseminar with me yet, but Campus has given you a place in a Hauptseminar with me, then I will accept you provisionally. You just have to have handed in your HS paper before the exam term starts.
    If you haven't done a HS with me and Campus hasn't assigned you a place in one , the answer is almost certainly no. The number of candidates is so high that I can only take people who have done a HS with me. 

  • How do I go about registering for my GymPO state exam?

    Read these instructions

  • Will you supervise my Zula/Masters thesis?

    Perhaps. I am afraid that teachers no longer get teaching time discounted for supervised theses, so there is a strong incentive for me *not* to supervise it. The sort of high quality supervision that I would like to give is significant extra work, so I can only do a few. If you have done a Hauptseminar with me and you want to do something which is in my areas of interest, come and talk to me about it.

  • I am having trouble finishing my term paper by the deadline. Can I have an extension?

    Write me an e-mail and explain why. I understand that people sometimes need to work in the holidays, others go abroad at the end of term. It is more important that you make the most of your six months in Australia than that you hand in your paper strictly on time. Write me an e-mail and explain. I'll be sympathetic if you have a good reason.
    I would rather you took a couple of weeks more, and wrote a really good paper, than you hand in a poor, hurried paper. But bear in mind that the longer you leave it, the more difficult it gets.  The new term brings new commitments.

  • I have been studying abroad / I am going to study abroad. Can I transfer these course credits?

    Yes, probably. Come to my Sprechstunde and show me what the situation is. It is important to realise that there are differences between the modules of your course here. It's easy to get something recognized in the Wahlpflichtbereich (for GymPO) or as a lecture/Übung (for BA and BEd). It's much more difficult to get a course recognized as a Hauptseminar. It may not even be desirable to do your HS abroad, because it means that you don't get to know a member of staff who you can go to for exams later on.

  • I am studying for B.Ed. and need to do a Vorlesung/Übung for 3 ECTS to complete my module. But there is no lecture or Übung attached to the Proseminar that I will attend.

    Yes, this is tricky. When the degree scheme was designed it was intended that the Linguistics Proseminar would be complemented by a Vorlesung or Übung on a related topic. Unfortunately, this is difficult to achieve in practice because our B.Ed. students do so many different second subjects (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Catholic Theology, Protestant Theology, Islamic Theology, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Geography, History, Politics, Economics, Sport, Art, Music, ... there may be more). So it is quite impossible to find a time for the course when even most people can come. In practice therefore, while some Proseminar courses offer a related Übung or similar, other don't. In this case you can do just any other Linguistics course which is advertized as an Übung (but ungraded and thus with a reduced workload).

  • What do I have to do for the Zwischenprüfung/Orientierungsprüfung?

    Go and read the Prüfungsordnung. Don't come and ask me questions like this without first reading the rulebook. It's a available on the website of the faculty. And if you have further questions, go and ask the departmental helpdesk. If there is then a real question outstanding, they will pass you on to me.

  • Will you write me a reference?

    Yes, if I know you, for example because I have taught you. Come to my Sprechstunde and I will tell you how we will go about it.

  • My question wasn't answered ...

    If you think it is a question which should appear here, send me an e-mail to tell me.